Friday, June 2, 2017

Zionist Masonic/Jesuit ownership of the Bible + Psalm Part 1

Well here I am finally making my first blog post.  Me being a former Christian for 10 years I want to start off with some stuff about the "Good Book"and Gematria. For those who don't know about Gematria, it is the practice of coding Numbers into words. It is a Jewish practice that has been in existence for the longest time. In it's basic form it is quite simple. A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5 and so on... There are more methods but those aren't hard to comprehend at all either.  We live in a world where you continually see the same numbers over and over again in Politics, Religion, Sports, Entertainment, etc. Are these just 'coincidences' as people like to call them, just natural occurances in nature? OR is there a group of people who have obtained hidden knowledge and have kept it hidden from the masses for ages through 'secrecy'? Well I'm here to tell you that it's 100% the latter.  Freemasons/Zionists/Jesuits have hidden this knowledge through numbers for the longest time. In fact, Religion as a whole was created by this secret group of people who I , along with many others, have been exposing for years now. One of those Numbers that I see over and over and over again is 74. The USA was created on July 4th or 7/4 like '74' in 1776. 74 days is 1776 Hours. We call 7/4 "Independence Day" which = 74. "Holiday" = 74. Ironically "The USA" = 74. See how our Country was setup according to Time and the Calendar under a certain number system?  Just look at the list of 74 Gematria words related to the Bible . NOTE- You can't see all these and more for yourself at : "Jesus" = 74 , "Cross" = 74,  "Christianity" = 74, 'Messiah' = 74, 'Masonic', 'Jewish', 'Occult', etc. "Gospel" = 74 . Jesus spoke in "Parables" which = 74 , promised "Everlasting Life" which = 74, etc...
As you can see '74' is very big with Our Country as well as with Religion.  Just wanted to set the groundwork for Numerology and Gematria and how it is used to script our daily lives, even our existence. In Part 2 I'll get to the Meat of the 9/11 attacks and how it all relates back to the Bible + more

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