Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tyronn Lue chosen as Head coach of the Cavaliers during this time of NBA scripted history

The NBA is so scripted even the coaches are chosen most of the time for specific reasons that correlate back to Jewish numerology and spiritual beliefs. One of the most recent examples of that is Tyronn Lue, a former player in the 'National Bullshit Association'. He was chosen to coach LeBron. Tyronn Lue was drafted into the NBA as the 23rd overall pick in the 1998 NBA draft. The same year Michael Jordan # 23 won his last championship. Now here he is coaching  'The Chosen One' LeBron James..the new # 23, the new Michael Jordan. Coaching the Cavaliers to their first ever NBA championship and the City of Cleveland's first championship in 52 years. LeBron and Steph Curry born in "Akron, Ohio" = 52. Warriors originally from Philadelphia, the City from the book of Revelation... the book of "Prophecy" which = 52. Now he's led the Cavs to this historic 'Trilogy' of the same teams meeting in the Finals 3 years in a row for the first time ever. "Trilogy" = 666. Let's not forget about Cleveland and their 216 area code. Grab a calculator and multiply 6x6x6 and you get 216. "The Cavs" = 666, "The NBA Finals" = 666.

Above you can see that he was the 23rd overall pick in the 1998 NBA draft. Look at his birthday even. One thing you will learn through the years when studying this stuff is that Birth dates are of significant importance to the occult Zionist Jews who rig and control Sports, Religion, Entertainment, Government, etc.  Tyronn Lue born on May 3rd which is written in most of the world as 3/ 35. "King James" = 35, ''Cavalier" = 35. Let's not forget about Steve Kerr who was on Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls team during a few of the championships. Then this year we have Mike Brown taking over as the Warriors' head coach right before the Finals. Mike Brown was LeBron James' first NBA head coach and started coaching the Cavaliers at age 35. Mike Brown's birthday is on March 5th or 3/5 like 35. Mirror of Tyronn Lue's birthday. If you recall the last regular season matchup between the Warriors and Cavs, the Warriors beat the Cavs by 35, LeBron played exactly 35 minutes, the Cavs got 35 total rebounds and shot 35% from the field. Steph Curry shot 35% from the field. The number 35 is connected heavily to Catholicism... "Catholic" = 35. LeBron and Curry went to Catholic schools as did most of the NBA stars in high school or college. The REAL King James was a part of Catholicism. What else is funny is that Tyronn Lue's and LeBron James' birthdays are 241 days apart. America will be 241 Years old this year. The Cavs and Warriors entered the NBA Finals this year with a combined playoff record of 24-1 like 241.....  241 is the 53rd prime number. "Chosen One" = 53 , Lue born on 5/3. Is 2017 their year to win and make history for 'King James'? As far as the coaches Lue and Brown, their birthday's are 59 days apart: 

59 is the 17th prime, this is the '17 NBA Finals, Ohio the 17th State, Cavaliers the 17th team to join the NBA. Notice also that it's 8 weeks 3 83. If the Warriors win the Finals they'll get 83 wins. Of course 83 is the 23rd prime, LeBron James # 23....... Michael Jordan's last year in the NBA was 23 as the '0's have no value. It was the Wizards' 42nd season in the NBA. That was the same year LeBron # 23 was drafted and began his first season in the NBA.  "LeBron James" = 42.  In his first career game in the NBA 'the King' played exactly 42 minutes against the Sacramento 'Kings'. Too funny. 

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