Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kevin Durant Finals MVP - More scripted Achievements

ESPN threw out a stat last night during the Post Game celebration saying that Kevin Durant is the first player since Moses Malone in '83 to switch teams in the off-season and then the next season win Finals MVP. Moses Malone was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers in '83, Philadelphia the original home of the Warriors. Durant did it in the Warriors' 83rd win of the season. Remember, Warriors finished the regular season with 67 wins. "Eighty Three" = 67. The 23rd prime is 83, KD dethroned Lebron #23.

The 2017 NBA Finals = A HUGE Tribute to David Rockefeller and the Rockefeller Dynasty

                                                      23   33   84   223    254   911 

If you recall , earlier this year David Rockefeller died on March 20th or 20/3 like '23'. LeBron's number. MJ's number. Notice that David Rockefeller was born on June 12th?? WOW.  The Rockefeller family is of the most evil in the history of mankind. A family at the very forefront of the Zionist Banker Tyrant NWO agenda. David's father 'John D Rockefeller' is the founder of the multi-billion dollar Standard Oil Company which was founded by him in none other than Cleveland, Ohio.  Stand Oil was the largest Oil refinery in the entire world at it's time. Kinda see where this is going? So David Rockefeller was born on June 12th, (day that LeBron was dethroned as King and lost his 5th Finals) and Rockefeller died on 20/3 this year 2017. He was the last Patriarch in the family. So his death was of utmost significance. From March 20th until June 12th is 84 days. "United States of America" = 84, MJ entered the NBA in '84, LeBron was born in '84. 84 days  (as you will see in the image below) is also 2 month 23 days like 223. "James" = 223, "Number Twenty Three" = 223, "Philadelphia" = 223 (original home of the Warriors, City from book of Revelation/Prophecy). You can also see below that it is 12 weeks. "James" = 12. LeBron was 3-4 in the Finals heading into yesterdays June 12th game. Kind of makes me think of David Rockefeller's April 3rd or 3/4 cover of the "Newsweek" magazine. See also that it is 2016 hours? These are the 2016 - 2017 NBA Finals.

David Rockefeller was one of the most evil human beings to ever walk this face of this planet. In the images above you can see his Date of Birth, Date he died, and his Cover of the April 3rd (or 3/4) 1967 edition of the Newsweek magazine. Not saying this is connected but interesting - LeBron was 3-4 heading into last nights game.  Notice his watch had the hands of the clock at 9 and 11?? Obviously not a coincidence. He was the guy who set forth the plans to build the Twin Towers. He knew they were being built to only be destroyed on a certain future Occultic date for Occultic reasons. "Newsweek" = 33,"Cleveland" = 33, "LeBron" = 33, "James" = 33, "NBA Finals" = 33. I stated in my last post, Steve Kerr just won his 254th game ever as coach of the Warriors. September 11th (or 9/11) is the 254th day of the year. Speaking of 9/11, look at how many days there are from David Rockefeller's death until LeBron James' 33rd birthday: 

9 months 11 days. Is this all coincidence??? I think not. Think of LeBron James and Jay-Z's close relationship. Jay-Z = Rock-a-fella records.

 I want to go a step further as well and talk a  little of the past NFL season in accordance with 9/11... and for you to look what other key Zionist front-runner was born on June 12th:

None other than George H.W Bush. Mr Skull & Bones 322 NWO Bush. The same one who gave 2 NWO speeches before and the most memorable of those was on Septmeber 11th, 1990. Exactly 11 years before the 9/11/2001 attacks. Bush became the first US president to ever do an NFL Superbowl 
coin toss this year in SuperBowl 51. "Nine Eleven" = 51. Notice during the NFL regular season the Patriots had their BYE week in Week 9 and the Falcons had their BYE week in Week 11.....911. ^The Falcons head coach Dan Quinn has his birthday on September 11th (911). Patriots went into Superbowl 51 averaging 9.11 Yards per attempt all time vs the Falcons. Does anyone know what 911 is in Octal??? It's 1617. We just had the '16 - '17 season of the NFL and NBA, very symbolic seasons heavy with 9/11 tributes. Also notice that 16+17 = 33, the number we keep talking about. 33 is the highest degree of Freemasonry. LeBron will be 33 this year, The Warriors just won the NBA Finals in their 33rd ever playoff appearance as a franchise.  I highlighted the 1617 below:

So Warriors win - Tribute to MJ the 'G.O.A.T' - Saturn/Golden Age

            35   55   126   144   254   129     217 + more

Well, I can't say that it turned out how I thought it would and that I called it, I definitely didn't call it. If I were to bet I would've chosen Cavaliers if I had a gun pointed at my head. But throughout it all I stated there were narratives for both teams. What this was all about though was opening people's eyes to the B.S that goes on in Pro sports. After Game 4 I leaned more toward a Cavs comeback. But it's not always easy to see the outcome of the rigging. The 2 biggest finds I made and stated was that the fact that there is a lot of 35 numerology and surroinding the Warriors this year in relation to LeBron going 3-5 all time in the Finals...I also made mention of the 2 regular season games between the Warriors and Cavaliers that ended with a combined total score of 217 points and putting emphasis on 217. I also stated that Game 5 was LeBron's 217th playoff game of his career and he's trying to pass MJ. When is Michael Jordan's birthday??February 17th or 2/17.  The only game he won of this series was the 216th playoff game of his career which was played in Cleveland, home of the 216 area code. Those 2 games between the Cavs and Warriors did tell us everything. It's all in how you interpret. In that MLKJ January 16th game the Warriors won 126-91, difference of 35 points. What was the record for teams trying to comeback from a 3-0 series deficit? It was 0 - 126 . Warriors scored exactly 126 points on January 16th for that very reason. "Oakland" = 126.  Warriors win in Oakland on 12/6.  "June Twelfth Twenty Seventeen" = 126.  I also remember that 5 years ago LeBron beat KD in the Heat vs Thunder Finals 4-1. Now here we are 5 years later, #35 KD beats LeBron 4-1 sending LeBron to 3-5 in the 5th game of the Finals which gave the Cavaliers their 5th loss of the playoffs total ..meaning he has 5 Finals losses on his resume and the Warriors now have 5 championships as a franchise. Also not that 6/12/17 has date numerology of 35.(6 + 12 + 17 = 35).Kevin Durant won Finals MVP averaging 35 ppg in the Finals.  Then think of how all of this was also a tribute to Michael Jordan to remain the 'Greatest Of All Time'. I made a post about this.  From MJ's last championship on 6/14/1998 until the start of these NBA Finals was 989 weeks. "Greatest Of All Time" = 989. Again, the scores of the Cavs vs Warriors regular season games were: Cavs 109 Warriors 108.  Then Warriors 126 Cavs 91. Both games totaling 217 points. MJ's birthday is 2/17. LeBron lost in his 217 career playoff game. All a tribute to Michael Jordan to remain the GOAT and to 'Dethrone' the King...'King James'. Look at the Gematria of   'June Twelfth':

Notice the 144, 153, 864, and 1984?  144 is of course the Time number. NOTE: Game 5 was Steve Kerr's 254th win as Warriors head coach including the playoffs. "Time" = 144 and 254. "Light" = 144 and 254.  To these sick twisted zionist individuals everything in this life is about Light, Time, Sun worship.   September 11th is the 254th day of the year. Remember after 9/11 they had the 'Tribute in Light'.  864 is the number of the SUN. They tell us in school that the Sun is 864,000 miles in diameter. There were tons of 9/11 tributes and subliminals in sports, especially the NFL and Super Bowl 51. "Nine Eleven" = 51, Cavs finished with 51 reg season wins, etc. 153 we should know by now is tied to both the Cavs and the Warriors.  "Cavaliers" = 153, "Steph Curry" = 153, "Christ" = 153, Jesus caught 153 Fish in the 'Miraculous catch'. 153 the 17th triangular number, Ohio the 17th State, Cavs are the 17th team to join the NBA. Warriors just won the Finals in their 17th playoff game this year,  we're in the year '17. Then of course 1984. The year Michael Jordan entered the NBA and the later that year was the birth of "King James" LeBron. Notice how the Warriors are now looking like next Dynasty as the Chicago Bulls were or the Lakers/Celtics. Much of this connects back to Saturn. It is said that the God Saturn ruled during the "Golden Age"...The Golden State Warriors set to lead the NBA's next Golden Age of a Dynasty

Monday, June 12, 2017

KEY GAME pointing to a Finals Game 7? Warriors vs Spurs Game 2 on 5/16/17

                                         33  236 & others

Quick NOTE: Tonight's game is played on June 12th or 12/6. Teams are 0-126 when trying to come back from 3-0 down. It's also being played in "Oakland" which = 126 ]. -  On May 16th, 2017 the Warriors beat the Spurs 136-100. This was one of those games that also left me scratching my head because I knew the score in that game was important. First off, From May 16th until June 18th (Game 7 date) is 33 days. This is the Warriors' 33rd playoff appearance all time as a franchise.  "Cleveland" = 33, "LeBron" = 33, "James" = 33, NBA Finals" = 33, Stephen" = 33. It's the '16-'17 NBA season...16 + 17 = 33.   It was played on May 16th or 16/5. "Cleveland" = 165. The combined amount of points was 236 points. Why is that important? From the start of the '16-'17 NBA season on 10/25/2016 until Game 7 on 6/18/2017 is 236 days. The Warriors are currently 159-146 all time in the Playoffs as a franchise.  The divisors of 159 sum to 216 as I have state...216 the Cleveland area code. 3 more losses would give them 149 losses total in the playoffs. 149 is the 35th prime, "King James" = 35, "Cavalier" = 35. They acquired #35 KD in the off-season to dethrone the King. Lot's of 35's this season with these 2 teams that I could ramble off.

So they are 159-146 as of right now. 159+146 = 305 playoff games so far. Tonight's game is the 306th...... 2017 is the 306th prime. That seems to go in the Warriors favor if I was asked but that doesn't mean they'll close it out tonight, their 306th playoff game ever. Again, it could all go either way but I am sticking with a Game 7....whether I end up right or wrong. Time will tell

Another '102' phrase I forgot about + OHIO and sports

                      19   51   67   94   102    306   2017

If you have been following up until now you should remember the post I made about the Cavaliers' opponents scoring exactly 102 points in every closeout game so far in these playoffs. One of the stories that came out during these playoffs was about how the Warriors copied the Cavaliers' championship slogan which is "Defend The land" . The Warriors tweaked it slightly by going with "Defend Our Ground". I noticed that "Defend The Land" = 102 in Gematria. Very fitting seeing how all the teams that lost to the Cavaliers in the closeout games scored 102 points. Remember, 102 + 102 + 102 = 306. The 306th prime = 2017.

As far as Game 7 goes, it will be LeBron's 94th game played this season (his teams 102nd). The Cavs if they lose again will have 94 total playoff losses. I'm not expecting that to happen but anything is possible in the world of scripted sports. "Defending Champions" = 94. Keep in mind that "One Hundred Two" = 67 in gematria. Cavs looking to win the Chip in Game 7 which is their 102nd total game played this year and would give them 67 total wins on the season. What's tricky is that Warriors need one more win to win the Finals which gives them 83 total wins. "Eighty Three" also = 67 in Gematria. Here's more trickiness. Cavs finished the reg season with 51 wins. Currently the Warriors have 82 wins. "Eighty Two" = 51. I also notice that Eastern teams have won the championships this year so far. Patriots, Penguins, now Cavaliers??? Maybe. Also interesting is that the NFL and MLB were both founded in Ohio, the 17th State. The 'Akron Pros' won the first APFA (NFL) championship. LeBron and Steph curry born in the same hospital in Akron, Ohio. After Brady won the SuperBowl with a historic scripted comeback LeBron Tweeted Brady and called him the "GOAT". The argument now is whether or not LeBron can pass MJ as the 'GOAT'. Will we have a De JA Vu  moment with the NBA Finals synched to SuperBowl 51? Again, Cavs won 51 games in the reg season. 

As you can see, both founded in the State of Ohio. From the scripted SuperBowl 51 comeback until the possible Game 7 Comeback scenario is exactly 19 weeks. The 19th prime is 67. Cavs would get 67 wins if they won that game. Also don't forget that Kevin Durant had a scripted injury this year where it caused him to miss 19 games. Warriors would have 19 losses if they lose in Game 7 and Cavs will have 67 wins....19th prime is 67.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nate Thurmond also played for the Chicago Bulls

Adding insult to injury, Nate Thurmond also played for the Chicago Bulls...that fact making his death look even more like a 100% sacrifice for the Warriors and Cavaliers rivalry. Although we know it was definitely a sacrifice to begin with:

The Warriors beat the Bulls' 72 win record last year for most wins in a season...now LeBron is trying to surpass MJ. Nate Thurmond of course died 27 days after Game 7 of the NBA Finals last year where LeBron scored 27 points. Both the Warriors and Cavs retired his jersey last year. LeBron, Steph, and Nate all born in Akron, Ohio and the first 2 born in the same hospital. Thurmond entered the NBA the same year Michael Jordan was born (1963). Jordan entered the NBA the same year LeBron was born (1984). Thurmond wore #42, "LeBron James" = 42 as we know by now.  Warriors with the 42 stripe tribute on their jersey's. Thurmond shot 42% from the field for his career.  Nate Thurmond died on July 16th or 16/7 like 167. Warriors are looking to get this last win putting them at 83 wins. Cavs looking to get 67 total wins.  "'Eighty Three" = 167 and 67.  Nate Thurmond finished his career playing for the Cavaliers at ages 34 and 35. LeBron is 3-4 looking to avoid going 3-5.
Nate Thurmond played a total of 114 games for the Cavs. "LeBron James" = 114
The Cavs and Warriors have been chasing Chicago and Jordan. Chicago is the other Zionist Jew Mecca. NYC being #1. 

Steve Kerr & Tyronn Lue. MORE NBA scripting

                      101   147   164   253   613   1126

I guess I could go on about these guys forever. I found out that from when Steve Kerr became the Warriors' head coach on May 19th, 2014 until Tyronn Lue became the Cavaliers' head coach on January 22nd, 2016 is 613 days. From Game 7 of the NBA Finals this year (If it's played) until LeBron's 33rd birthday is 6 months 13 days...like 613.

 HERE"S A VERY INTERESTING ONE: From when Steve Kerr became Warriors' head coach on May 19th, 2014 until Game 7 of these NBA Finals on 6/18/17 is 1126 days. Remember, teams trying to come back from 3-0 down in a playoff series are 0-126. If Cavaliers win that would make the record 1-126..like 1126. Warriors just had Mike Brown coaching them for a stretch, LeBron's first NBA head coach. "Mike Brown" = 1126 in Gematria. Very interesting. Here's another shocker. The score of the last game (the first game the Cavs have won this Finals) was 137 - 116...total of 253 points.  I couldn't figure out for the life of me why 253 was so significant.. I mean, the Cavs didn't get swept like everyone thought they would. I literally just found out that Steve Kerr as of right now in this moment , including the Playoff, has 253 wins total as Warriors head coach. Was the combined 253 points last game a tribute for the Cavs to keep Kerr at 253 wins?

 Guess how many days it is from Game 7 until Steve Kerrs September 29th birthday?? It's 101 days. Game 7 will be Warriors' 101st game played this season. From Tyronn Lue's May 3rd birthday until Steve Kerrs September 27th birthday is 147 days. 147 connected to Freemasonry through and through. Combine Kerrs 253 wins with the fact that Tyronn Lue has coached a total of 161 Cavs games... 3 more games would make it 164 games total..where the Cavs would end up 16-4 in the Playoffs this year and a championship...it's starting to look more and more like Game 7 is in the books, a guarantee. But we shall see how they want it played out though

Tyronn Lue's Cavaliers coaching record overall including playoffs

     23   102   122   144   164   216   227   311      

Since Tyronn Lue took over as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers mid season last year, including the playoffs,  he is now overall 107-54 ...after Game 4 of these Finals concluded. MEANING that if the Cavs win the next 3 games of these Finals, Lue's coaching record in Cleveland overall will be 110-54...coaching a total of 164 games. Cleveland would finish the season 16-4 like 164. Remember, Michael Jordan's last NBA game was vs the Philadelphia 76ers on April 16th in 2003....a date written 16/4...like 164.  Tyronn Lue was his teammate and PG that year on the Wizards. Warriors originally from Philadelphia. 

Also take note of how Tyronn lue started coaching the Cavaliers on 1/22. "Golden State" = 122, they play in Oakland which is on the 122nd meridian. January 22nd or 1/22 is also 23 days after LeBron #23's birthday which is on December 30th. And now here we go with the number 102 again. January 22nd last year happened to be exactly 102 days before Tyronn Lue's birthday. 102 is a big number connected to Cleveland especially in these 2017 playoffs. Of course Lue coaching the Cavs in the 216 area code and the divisors of 102 sum to 216 as many know by now.  102 days is also 14 weeks 4 days like 144. 'Tyronn Lue" = 144. Cavs looking to improve to 14-4 after Game 5. That same amount of days (102 days) is also 3 months 11 days.  "Michael Jordan" = 311. LeBron chasing Jordan. Game 7 of these NBA finals on June 18th is 3 months 11 days before Kevin Durant's September 29th birthday.  Another number I want to throw into this is 227. "June Eighteenth" = 227. Cleveland was founded as a City on July 22nd....a day written as 22/7 like 227. It's the number for PI amongst other things. Remember the Warriors this year beating the Philadelphia 76ers on February 27th or 2/27..with a score of 119-108..combined score of 227 on 2/27?? Funny that on the same day the Cavs beat the Bucks scoring 102 points.  

LeBron at MJ's final Home game in the NBA + Tyronn Lue MJ's teammate that year

        10   23   29   33   44   117   131   144   164

The 'coincidences' keep piling up...well for those who believe that everything is a coincidence. I am not one of those people. So here again we have more scripting involving Tyronn Lue, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan. I was on Youtube a few minutes ago and stumbled upon a video titled "LeBron James & Chris Paul watch Michael Jordan's last game in Washington'. So LeBron was there to watch Michael Jordan's last Home game of his NBA career.
Guess who MJ's teammate was at the PG position? None other than Tyronn Lue:

As you can see above, there's Tyronn Lue with the braids and MJ in his final home game of his career. Lue wore #10 and MJ #23.....10+23 = 33. "Michael" = 33, "Cleveland" = 33, "LeBron" = 33, "James" = 33, "NBA Finals" = 33.  It's the (C)leveland (C)avaliers. CC = 33.  If you recall, I made a similar post about Tyronn Lue and MJ. Tyronn Lue was drafted 23rd overall in the 1998 NBA draft. That was the year of MJ's last championship. Then Tyronn Lue is MJ's PG during his final season in the NBA....LeBron shows up at MJ's last Home game. Then here we are with Tyronn Lue coaching LeBron...the new MJ. The one trying to pass MJ as the GOAT. It's no coincidence that MJ entered the league in 1984. That same year LeBron is born. Then MJ retires in 2003 as a teammate of Tyronn Lue, LeBron shows up to his final game and then enters the NBA that same year in 2003. Also 2003 is much like 23 as the 0's have no value.  In that Final home game MJ and the wizards lost to the Knicks picking up their 44th loss of the season on April 14th which is written 14/4 like 144. "Tyronn Lue" = 144.  The Cavs will be 14-4 if they win Game 5. LeBron will end up 4-4 in the Finals with a Finals win this year.  Then of course Michael Jordan plays the final game of his career vs the Philadelphia 76ers on April 16th or 16/4 like 164. If the Cavs win the title this year they will end up 16-4 in the playoffs and ESPN will not stop calling LeBron the GOAT.  LeBron is the new MJ, Warriors originally from Philadelphia. The Cavs actually played the Knicks in their first game of the season and won by 29  scoring 117 points. "Ohio" = 29 and 117. "Tyronn" = 29. From his May 3rd birthday until game 1 of the Finals this year on 6/1 was 29 days. LeBron has only wore 2 jersey #'s in his career. 6 and 23. add them together and you get 29. Lue wore #10, the 10th prime is 29. It's all scripted. History repeats itself.  From MJ's last game on April 16th, 2003 which was vs the 76ers, until Game 7 of the NBA Finals on 6/18 is 739 weeks. 739 is the 131st prime. "The Chosen One" = 131, "Championship" = 131

Game 6 Clue from ESPN???

                                                            GAME 6?
             7  17  29  34  67  159  213  216  237

Now be advised..I am not saying that Humans don't make mistakes or anything. Not even those on ESPN as every human being is prone to mistakes. I am not even saying that Game 6 will be a guarantee (although deep down I do believe there will be a Game 7). But I also know that sports are controlled and scripted. ESPN is owned by Disney, the Masonic company started by a 33rd degree Freemason named 'Walt Disney'. Disney... the one's who brainwash all the children of America and the world with poisonous subliminal messages in their Disney Movies.  I happened to go to the ESPN.com NBA page about 5 minutes ago and it mentions that Draymond Green '...remains the glue and should step up in 'Game 6'"?? Of course the next game is only Game 5. Not sure if they are dropping a clue....or it's just a technical error. I'll leave that for you to decide. Also notice that the video is 1:59 long?

 Look at the number properties of 159:

The divisors of 159 sum to 216, Cleveland's infamous area code and alternate way to get the Number of the beast 666. It's DUO of 213, the number tied to the NBA Finals. And it is 237 in Octal. "LeBron" = 237.  Here's a still image of the ESPN page in Full and I highlighted it in Yellow for you at the bottom:

Let's not forget that Stephen A Smith is 0-6 in his last 6 NBA Finals picks. He picked the Warriors this year. Will Smith be wrong for 7 straight years this year in LeBron's 7th straight Finals? Smith was born in '67, Warriors finishing the season with 67 wins. LeBron and the Cavs looking to get a total of 67 wins in these Finals which would give them the championship. I guess it's no coincidence that from June 18th (Game 7 date) until Stephen A's birthday on October 14th is exactly 17 weeks full span. This is the '17 NBA Finals involving the 17th team (Cavs) who play in the 17th State. "NBA" = 17.  Will the Cavs repeat? "Repeat" = 29 and 34. "Ohio" = 29. LeBron currently 3-4

More information on Cavaliers Setting Finals Record for Points in a Half with 86 in 1st Half of Game 4

RIGGED? Of course it is. So as many already know the Cavaliers set the record for most points in a Finals first half and most points in a Finals half period with 86. The last teams to accomplish sucha feat were the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers..both times it was vs the Lakers. See how this Cavs vs Warriors rubber match is a new Lakers vs Celtics rivalry??

What I find interesting is that the 81 points in a half set by the Philadelphia 76ers vs the Lakers in '82 hsppened on June 6th like 6/6 or 66. "LeBron" = 66, "James" = 66, "King" = 66, "City of Cleveland" = 66. Happened in '82. The Warriors currently have 82 wins. In that Finals the 76ers lost to the Lakers 4-2. Warriors wearing the #42 stripe on their jerseys for Nate Thurmond who played for both Cavs and Warriors. "LeBorn James" = 42. The score of that game between the 76ers and Lakers was 135 - 102. The exact same score of the closeout Game 5 between the Cavs and Celtics that just happened not long ago. Cavaliers 135 Celtics 102. "Stephen" = 102, "Warriors" = 102,  "Magic" = 102, "NBA" = 102.   Also 135 + 102 = 237, "LeBron" = 237. Both games are a difference of 33 points. We're now in the '16-'17 NBA season. 16+17 = 33.    Warriors finished the regular season vs the Lakers.Cavaliers advanced to the NBA Finals by beating the Celtics.  Not Coincidence. That Lakers vs Celtics Game was played in 1985 which was 32 years ago. LeBron James currently 32 years old. Lakers' star was Magic Johnson  # 32, Celtics' star was Larry Bird # 33........   32 and 33 are the highest degrees of Freemasonry. LeBron currently transitioning from 32 years old to 33 years old this year. "Magic" = 33, "Bird" = 33, "LeBron" = 33, "James" = 33, "Stephen" = 33, "Cleveland" = 33, "NBA Finals" = 33.  Also I want to look into 393 at some point. "Cleveland" = 393, "LeBron James" = 393, "NBA Finals" = 393.

2 symbolic clock-stops in the RIGGED Game 4

14     35   42   71   99   102   117   147   219   265   306   618  1836

After watching a video titled "Referees Full Highlights in 2017 Finals Game 4 - Rigged?" by Youtuber "FreeDawkins" I saw some clock stoppages that seem symbolic by the numbers. In this first one Durant and LeBron James jaw at each other because Durant thought that he was hit in the head by Kevin Love on the play that just transpired:

Now I want you to pay attention to the time... This is one of the key moments of the game ESPN Sportscenter and sports outlets kept talking about. Notice the Cavaliers have 99 points? 99 a big number tied to the Cavs and usually favoring them.  So notice There is 7:26 on the clock?? That is a huge number. Just look at their area codes where they play. Cleveland - 216 , Oakland - 510. Well 216 + 510 = 726, "Revelation" = 726, "Warriors" = 726, "Back to Back to Back" = 726, in their last regular season game vs each other the Cavs lost by 35 and scored with 91 points .."Ninety One" = 726. Warriors originally from Philadelphia..the "City of Brotherly love". Freemasonry a Brotherhood of secrecy signed our nation into existence in Philadelphia on 7/4/1776. Philadelphia is the Citu of Prophecy from the Book of Revelation. Now: Notice this play involves # 35 KD, Cavs lost that regular season game by 35
This next one also involves Kevin Love. Draymond Green didn't think he fouled Kevin Love and argued the call so there was a technical called on someone but not sure who. I wonder why Kevin Love is involved in these. I'm thinking it's symbolic. Love wears # 0. In tennis when you score 0 it's called "Love" . Cavs were going to get 0 wins in the Finals if they didn't escape this game with a W. So I want you to look at the clock in this next one too:

Notice in the screenshot above that Cavs still have 99 points? So these 2 moments happened within a minute stretch, not far apart. Note that Warriors have 85 points? "Curry" = 85, "Basketball" = 85, "NBA Finals on ABC" = 85.  Notice that the clock in this one is stopped at 6:18? I'm not saying Game 7 is guaranteed (to me it seems like it). But if there's is going to be a game 7 it will be played on 6/18. If you recall in other posts I reminded everyone that in the last regular season game with these 2 teams LeBron James played 35 minutes, lost by 35, Cavs shot 35% from the field, and LeBron went 6-18 from the field..which i thought was pointing to the Game 7 June 18th date.  Perhaps it really is pointing to that date. The date 6/18/17 would be pronounced as "Six Eighteen Seventeen" which = 99, 117, and 306. Again, 99 is tied to the City of Cleveland. "Ohio" = 117, "Golden State Warriors" = 117. As far as 306 goes? 2017 is the 306th prime number. And don't forget that the Cavs closed every series out in the final game by holding the opposing team to exactly 102 points. There were 3 series before the finals. 102+102+102 = 306.  i noticed as well that "Six Eighteen Seventeen" also = 1836 in Gematria. Cleveland was incorporated as a City in the year 1836. Also, from the start of the '16-'17 NBA season until the start of the NBA Finals is 219 days. Game 7 would be LeBron's 219th career playoff game. Warriors originally from Philadelphia. Remember the ritual sacrificial death of 'James Paul David Bunning', the retired pitcher who used to play for the Philadelphia Phillies? Well "James Paul David Bunning" = 219. He finished his career playing a year for the Phillies in 1971 or '71. This is the 71st NBA season. Warriors' name changed to "Golden State" in the year '71. He had his jersey #14 retired by the Phillies. LeBron is in his 14th NBA season. Don't forget that the Phillies also retired Jackie Robinson's # 42 Jersey. 42 tied to LeBron, Steph Curry, and the Bible through and through 100%. He died on May 26th or 26/5 like 265. "Blood Sacrifices" = 265, "Saturn keeper of time" = 265 , "Jewish Propaganda" = 265, "Message Received" = 265. I want to mention that "Blood Sacrifice" also = 147, a big Freemasonic number important for Game 5. June 12th is 147 days from January 16th ...the last reg season game between these 2 teams.  KEY STAT OF FINALS: Kevin Durant #35 is averaging exactly 34 ppg. LeBron James is 3-4 trying to avoid going 3-5 . I want to give lots of Credit to Zachary K Hubbard for a lot of what I know today as a Truth Seeker

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Isaiah Thomas + tribute to LeBron 'King James'

                        23   29   33   47   66   67   102   665

On May 15th this year ESPN wrote an article about Isaiah Thomas titled 'Thomas eager to write new chapter in book of Isaiah' ...of course referring to the King James Bible as well. Celtics and Lakers  = the 2 most winningest franchises in NBA history with 33 combined championships. Warriors finish regular season against Lakers. Cavaliers advance to the NBA Finals after beating Celtics. All a SCRIPT

 What I found interesting is that Isaiah in the Bible is book #23 and has 66 chapters, the only book in the bible with exactly 66 chapters. LeBron wears #23, "LeBron" = 66, "James" = 66, "King" = 66, "Book of Isaiah" = 66 and 666. . Isaiah is the 'King in the 4th quarter' . LeBron is 'the King' or 'King James'. Isaiah Thomas' sister died in 'King' County. The trooper who showed up at the scene of Chyna Thomas' crash was Nick 'King'. Adding more to that, the headline again is 'Thomas eager to write new chapter in book of Isaiah' which = 665. "Cleveland, Ohio" = 665, Cavs play in "Quicken Loans Arena" which = 665. "Isaiah" = 29 and 47. "Ohio" = 29 and 47.  Notice the length of the video as well. It's 1:02 long... "Thomas" = 102...that number 102 just won't go away. Cavs advanced to the Finals after beating the Celtics 135 - 102. Every teams scored 102 points vs the Cavs in the Closeout games so far. If there is another chapter added to the 'book of Isaiah' then it'd have 67 chapters. We know that Game 7 if played will be the Cavaliers' 102nd game this season. "One hundred two" = 67 which is the amount of wins the Cavs would have if they won in Game 7. Here's the ESPN article for reference - http://www.espn.com/blog/boston/celtics/post/_/id/4726053/thomas-eager-to-write-new-chapter-in-book-of-isaiah

Cavaliers/Warriors + Celtics reg season - 434? + more

                             29   94   109   215   216   219   434

As I was looking through the Cavs' schedule this season I knew in the back of my mind that this was the '17 NBA Finals and that the Celtics hold the most titles of every team in the NBA with 17. So I checked the Cavs' games vs the Celtics and vs the Warriors. The 4 games vs the Celtics in the regular season went as follows: 1st game - Cavaliers 128 Celtics 122. 2nd game = Cavaliers 124 Celtics 118. 3rd game - Celtics 103 Cavaliers 99. 4th game - Cavaliers 114 Celtics 91. If you add up the combined number of points the Celtics scored vs the Cavaliers in those 4 regular season games you get 434 points. Cavaliers played the Warriors twice during the regular season and the results were: 1st game - Cavaliers 109 Warriors 108. 2nd game - Warriors 126 Cavaliers 91. You add up the total combined points both teams scored and you also come to 434 points. Not sure what the significance is with 434 yet but it seems to be important. I do know that 'Derailment" = 434 in Gematria. Of course I am referring to the Philadelphia Trainwreck from 2015.

Speaking of 'Derailment' I also found out that from the actual date of the Philadelphia Trainwreck from 2015 until which happened May 12, 2015 until June 18, 2017 (Game 7) is exactly 2 years 1 month 6 days...like 216..or 109 weeks. LeBron shot 6 for 18 from the field in the MLKJ game vs Warriors when he lost by 35, like 6/18, date of a Game 7...   So 216 is our infamous number connecting to LeBron and Cleveland. The Cleveland area code is 216. LeBron experienced his 216th career playoff game during these Finals.  109 is connected to the Cleveland Cavaliers as 109 is the 29th prime and "Ohio" = 29. Int the first game of the season the Cavs beat the Knicks by 29 and the Warriors lost to the Spurs by 29.  In the final game of the regular season the Warriors beat the Lakers 109 - 94. We talked about how Game 7 would be LeBron's 94th game played this year himself. If Cavs were to lose again they would have 94 losses all time in the playoffs. NO I am not saying the Cavs will lose, just throwing that out there. Game 7 will be LeBrons' 219th career playoff game. Notice that the Cavaliers' first post-season loss this year came to the Celtics on May 21 or 21/5 as written in most of the world. 215 is Philadelphia's area code. The score was Celtics 111 Cavs 108...for a total of 219 points. Again, Game 7 would be Lebrons' 219th career playoff game.  

Game 5 , Cavs' 100th game this season and number 217

Another thing to consider for Game 5: It will be the Cavs' 100th game played this season. The divisors of 100 sum to 217 .

 In both of the regular season matchups between the Cavs and Warriors this year the sum of the combined scores was 217 points (109-108 and 126-91). It will be LeBron's 217th ever playoff game. We are in the NBA Finals of 2017...much like 217 without the '0' which has no value. One thing I've noticed is that the Warriors won in 2015 which is much like 215, Philadelphia's area code. Warriors originally from Philadelphia as 'Philadelphia Warriors'. Then Cavs won in 2016 which is much like 216, Cleveland's area code. "Twenty Seventeen" = 216. Now we're in 2017 and the teams use both regular season games to showcase the number 217. Also magical about Game 5 and 217 is that it will be LeBron's 92nd game that he personally has played in this season for the Cavs. (74 reg season games played + 18 post season games played). "Two hundred seventeen" = 92. They say the last time the Warriors lost before last night was on April 10th, 2017. That day was 101 days after LeBron's birthday. "Philadelphia" = 101, "LeBron Raymone James" = 101, "Derailment" = 101. (If there's a Game 7 it will be the Warriors' 101st game, Game 6 will be the Cavs' 101st game).   I'm not thinking Game 5 is LeBron's final game played this year but if it happens to be remember it's his 217th total playoff game of his career. I also just learned from a good friend that if the Cavs lose again it'll be their 94th playoff loss all time. Game 7 will be LeBron's 94th game played this season. "Wardell Stephen Curry" = 94. The '223 connection' of LeBron, Irving, and Love combined for 94 points in the Game 4 win. Also looking ahead to Game 6: If the Cavs make it to Game 6 and win they will have won their 66th game of the season in Game 6 of the finals...much like 666. So you have 66 and 666 in Game 6 right there. 'LeBron" = 66, "James" = 66, "King" = 66. First to 6 straight Finals since '66. "Game Six" = 666, "The NBA Finals" = 666. Cleveland area code 216 . In math 216 = 6x6x6.  Game 7 would be played in "Oakland, CA" which = 170. On June 18th which is 170 days after LeBron's last birthday 12/30/16. Cavaliers ended the regular season going 4-4 in the last 8 games, winning 4 then losing 4 . LeBron trying to go 4-4 in 8 Finals appearances.

Don't forget 153 and 17. NBA rigging

           17   19   35   67    91   116   126    163   318

I want to just quickly remind everyone of the numbers 153 and 17. From the Cavs and Warriors' last regular season game played which was January 16th, 2017 until the possible Game 7 date on June 18th, 2017 is exactly 153 days. "Cavaliers" = 153, "Steph Curry" = 153,  "Christ" = 153, Jesus caught 153 Fish in the 'Miraculous catch'. The next game will be played on "June twelfth"  which = 153....... 153 the 17th triangular number, Ohio the 17th State, Cavs were the 17th team to join the NBA,  we're in the year '17. LAST NIGHT"S GAME WAS SCRIPTED TO A 'T' : In my last post I talked about the number 126. To quickly recap - Teams trying to come back from a 3-0 deficit in the NBA are 0-126 all time. That January 16th game between the Cavs and Warriors was won by the Warriors with 126 points. Add up the jersey numbers of the warriors' starting lineup and you get 126. Cavs lost by 35, Cavs right now have 35 losses. "King James" = 35, "Cavalier" = 35. Cavs finished the season with 51 wins. "Fifty One" = 35. Cavs lost with 91 points, last night was LeBron's 91st game played this year.  BUT what I want you to notice is the points the Warriors scored in last night's game. Warriors scored 116 points. As I just stated, the last regular season game between them was played on 1/16 this year..like 116. Kevin Durant who wears #35 scored 35 points in last nights loss. The Warriors picked up loss # 16 exactly 16 weeks before Kevin Durant's birthday.  Then add all the 126 and 91 facts into it and you see nothing but pure SCRIPT.  I could see this going 7 games and the Cavs winning honestly. It can play out so many different ways but I will stick with Cavs in 7. The point of this all though isn't whether or not the 'Truthers' are wrong about who wins...it's about seeing through all the bullshit, whether the Cavs win it or the Warriors win it. There's always an agenda. They obviously didn't plan for the Warriors to make history this year to become the first unbeaten team in NBA post-season history.  So what other history is there? I'm guessing it's now that LeBron comes back from 3-0 down which has never been done before. Just always keep that January 16th, 2017 game in mind... and that teams are 0-126 after being down 3-0 in a playoff series. Warriors now have 16 losses total on the season. 3 more would make 19 total losses on the season. LeBron in his 8th finals, the 8th prime is  19. Warriors finished with 67 wins and the Cavs are now trying to get 67 total wins which would win them the Finals. 67 is the 19th prime number. Kevin Durant went down with an injury this season missing 19 games. Cavs right now in the postseason are 13-4 overall. "Comeback" = 134 in Gematria. So this next one will be on June 12th. Notice it is written in most of the world as 12/6 like 126. Teams are 0-126 when trying to come back from 3-0 deficit. So another very important game to pay attention to. "June Twelfth" also = 1984 in Gematria.  LeBron James was born in 1984, he's 32 years old and if Cavs win it will make the series 3-2. From his last birthday on 12/30/16 until 6/12/17 = 163 days, "Comeback" = 163. We know that 318 is a huge number as well. "Cleveland Cavaliers" = 318, "Philadelphia Warriors" = 318, "The Golden State Warriors" = 318  , "Comeback" = 318. Keep your eyes peeled as things could get interesting

Friday, June 9, 2017

Teams to come back from 3-0 deficit in playoffs are a combined 0-126 in NBA history

                                                            35     91   126  

The story I saw on ESPN and on 'The Score' website earlier stated that teams trying to overcome a 3-0 deficit are 0-126 in NBA playoff history.

The number 126 is very significant.  Remember, the last time the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers played in the regular season  was on 1/16/17 where the Warriors won 126 - 91...winning by 35. Interesting that Game 4 tonight  both teams are heading into it with the 0-126 record fact and it will be LeBron's 91st game played this season.... Again, the Warriors won that last regular season game 126 - 91  winning by 35. The Cavs currently have 35 losses total on the season heading into tonight's game. Also notice the Warriors' starters Jersey numbers. Curry - 30, Durant - 35, Thompson - 11, Green - 23, Pechulia - 27. Add those up and what do you get???? You get 126. See how scripted this all truly is??? I'm not sure if the 126 favors the Cavs in a comeback or the Warriors since they would be making it 127-0 for 3-0 deficits in NBA history if they win tonight. Keep in mind that it's  LeBron's 216th ever playoff game tonight, Cleveland's area code is 216, Steph Curry's 74th ever playoff game tonight, and Kevin Durant's 105th ever playoff game tonight.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Warriors: 63% chance to become 1st unbeaten team in Playoffs history

63   66   117   153

ESPN on June 8th mentioned a stat I found to be laughable. They say the Warriors have a 63% chance of going undefeated and becoming the 1st team ever to do so in the NBA playoffs. 63 is a very familiar number and I think they're just paying tribute to this NBA season by the numbers.  As it stand right now the Cavaliers have 63 wins this season total. This is the 2016-2017 NBA season. 2016 is the 63rd triangular number. Meaning that if you add up every number 1 through 63 it will sum to 2016. **YOU CAN FIND THE FOLLOWING WORDS' GEMATRIA BY VISITING WWW.GEMATRINATOR.COM AND USING THE 'CALCULATOR' FUNTION.**  Now adding to what I said,   "Twenty Seventeen" = 63 in Gematria. "Cavaliers" = 63 in Gematria. "Sixty Three" = 63.   'Sixty Three' also = 153 and 117...... 2 numbers that are tied to both the Cavaliers and Warriors but more so Cleveland. "Cleveland Cavaliers" = 153, "Ohio" = 117, "Golden State Warriors" = 117.  I do find it interesting that "Game seven" = 117...but from what we've seen lately it would look as though they want the Warriors to become the first undefeated team in playoff history...so we can assume that. However, they could script some comeback b.s. Notice how all games are 3 days apart except for between Games 3 and 4 which are only 2 days apart. Something suspicious with that as well. There have only been 3 instance in NBA history where a team came back to tie the series after trailing 3-0. The first to do it was the Knicks in the 1951 season. From 1951 until 2017 = 66 years. That number is strongly tied to LeBron of course. "LeBron" = 66, "James" = 66, "King" = 66, the King James bible has 66 books. LeBron the first to go to 6 straight finals last year since '66....and so much more. It's more likely now that it will be over next game but let's wait and see how it turns out.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Numbers lining up for Game 4

     16    17  23   32   33   29   74   99   102   160   216

The 4th game of the NBA Finals  seems to be a key game as well by the numbers that line up with it. I have found many things that line up with June 9th now that I've done some research. I do not expect it to be the last game but there is a strong possibility it may be. I picked it to go to 7 games because everything seemed to be pointing to Game 7. There always seems to be a narrative though no matter what. So let's check out a few things on the numerology -

Game 4 on June 9th is exactly 16 weeks before Kevin Durant's 29th birthday. This is the '16 - '17 NBA season. warriors would end up going perfect in the postseason meaning they would be a perfect 16 - 0 in the playoffs. "Sixteen" = 33, 'Cleveland' = 33., 'LeBron' = 33, 'James' = 33, 'Stephen' = 33, "NBA Finals" = 33. It's been 33 years since MJ entered the NBA in 1984, same year LeBron was born.   As far as 29 goes, "Ohio" = 29, Curry  turned 29 years old this year on PI day (March 14th). "Pi" = 16 and 29.

 From LeBron's 32nd birthday on 12/30/16 until Game 4 on 6/9/17 is exactly 23 weeks. notice June 9th has date numerology of 32 (6+9+17 = 32). Of course LeBron #23 trying to surpass the GOAT #23 Michael Jordan. "MJ" = 23,  "King" = 23, "Akron" = 23, "Steph" = 23.  Then we have the number 74, a very familiar number. The NBA is owned by Zionist Jews, Freemasons. "Jewish" = 74, "Masonic" = 74, "Occult" = 74, America's birthday is 7/4. In fact that was the same day last year that Kevin Durant made his decision public that he was joining the Warriors.. 7/4  in 2016. Notice Kevin Durant played a total of 74 games this season going into the Finals. LeBron played a total of 74 games during the regular season. Curry and Durant combined to score 74 points on Mothers day to beat the Spurs in Game 1 of the WCF which was their best game together so far since joining forces. Game 4 will also be Stephen Curry's 74th career playoff game. 74 days before the June 9th Game 4 date  (3/27/2017) the Cavaliers lost to the Spurs scoring only 74 points and losing by 29 with the final score 103 - 74. We already know about the number 29's significance. So could the Cavs lose the Finals 74 days after only scoring 74 points (Their lowest point total of the season) in a loss vs the Spurs in what will be Curry's 74th ever playoff game played...or will it just be huge on symbolism?? time will tell. 

Staying on the topic of career games, did you know that Game 4 will be LeBron's 216th career playoff game? 216 is the area code for Cleveland. You know the numerology in Game 4 will be big. It's all by design. Tonight's game is LeBrons' 215th playoff game. That's Philadelphia's area code. Remember , the Warriors won in 2015 just 35 days after the Philadelphia Trainwreck. LeBron could end up 3-5 if he loses this year. 2015 is like '215' as 0 has no value. Then the Cavs won last year in 2016 which is like 216...  If that isn't enough, from the date of the release of LeBron's movie 'Trainwreck' on 7/17/15 until Game 4 on 6/9/17 is exactly 99 weeks. Game 4 will be the Cavs' 99th game played this season. The number 99 connected to Cleveland and the Cavs.  

As you see above, 99 weeks from LeBron's trainwreck 7/17/15 movie release date. You can do simple math to know that it's the Cav's 99th game of the season in Game 4. Also heading into Game 3 it was LeBron's 214th game so after Game 3 it'll be 215.... next his 216th.  To add more fuel to the Fire, June 9th is the 160th day of the year. Steph Curry's real name is 'Wardell'.... 'Wardell Curry" = 160. There seems to be many tribute's to Steph Curry throughout these playoffs. Remember, the Cavs' opponents all scored 102 points in the Cavs' closeout games. "Sephen" = 102.  He and 'King James' LeBron both from Akron,Ohio born in the same hospital. 

Above you see again, the 102 points in every closeout game in these playoffs by the Cavaliers' opponents. Then in the 2nd image is what I believe, one of the most important regular season games played this season. It was played on 11/5, the real 'King James' Gunpowder Plot assassination attempt and November 5th, 2016 is exactly 216 days before Game 4 on June 9th. That game was one of the main reasons I saw a Game 7 coming. Because Cavs won 102-101 over Philadelphia.  "Philadelphia" = 101, "LeBron Raymone James" = 101.  Game 7 would be the Cavaliers' 102nd game of the season total and the Warriors' 101st game of the season total, Warriors originally from Philadelphia as the 'Philadelphia Warriors'. So no matter what happens I can see Game 4 being of major major significance if not the Finals game. I still think we may see a Game 7 but it's hard to see how these Zionists want to script these games sometimes. So I still say Game 7 but don't be surprised if it ends sooner ...like Game 4. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Look out for Game 3 between the Cavs and Warriors

                                                            19  33  67  98

Just some quick stuff on the Numerology connected to the "National Bullshit Association". Game 3 should be very interesting because it is being played on 6/7...like 67. The Warriors finished the regular season with 67 wins. If the Cavs win the Finals they will have won 67 games this year total.  The North Carolina Tar Heels in the NCAA tournament beat the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the 67th game of the NCAA tournament. 67 has been a big number this year. 6 is the Number of a man. Man born the 6th day. 7 is the number of God. God completed the world in 7 days in the book of Genesis. "Genesis" = 33, "Seven Days" = 33, "One Week" = 33. "NBA Finals" = 33. G = the 7th letter. It's one of the many reasons why Freemasons have the 'G' in the middle of their iconic compass and square logo.  Going back to the NBA, if the Warriors lose they will end up with 19 total losses. Funny how 67 is the 19th prime number. Cavs trying to hand the Warriors 19 total losses while at the same time picking up 67 wins. Here we are 19 years after Michael Jordan won his last championship in 1998 or '98. "Chosen One" = 98, "The Chosen One" = 98, "Champions" = 98.  LeBron trying to pass MJ as GOAT. The number 19 itself is the 8th prime, LeBron in his 8th Finals. That being said it is still tough to see who will win this Finals this year  in terms of the scripting but I gotta give a nod to the Cavs a little

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A little more on Cavs/Warriors/76ers

Looking back at the Cavaliers' schedule I noticed that the Cavs first played the 76ers on 11/5/2016 and then again on 11/27/2016... which is 22 days apart. Then The Cavs played the Warriors on Christmas day 12/25/2016 and then again on 01/16/2017...which is also 22 days apart. Again, the Warriors originally from Philadelphia as the 'Philadelphia Warriors'.

 The number 22 is very important to Freemasonry and the Zionists as it is the Master Builder number. Philadelphia the City from the biblical prophecy book of Revelation which has 22 chapters. Then notice that in Game 1 of these NBA Finals the final score was 113-91, a difference of 22 points.

Notice above that "Master Builder" = 66 and 204. The Book of Revelation is the 66th book of the Bible. The score from game 1 again was 113-91, total of 204 points. This NBA season actually started on October 25th last year.... the same day that Philadelphia as a City was incorporated, October 25th -

I say that because this year NBA history was set as we have 2 teams going to 3 straight Finals for the first time ever. Something they termed a "Trilogy". Philadelphia is probably the most important City in terms of the Zionists' End Time Prophecy timeline. Philadelphia and New York City. We are truly living out a scripted and planned agenda by those at the top. Those who use Sports, Religion, Government, Entertainment, Media, etc to spread their doctrine of falsehood