Sunday, June 11, 2017

2 symbolic clock-stops in the RIGGED Game 4

14     35   42   71   99   102   117   147   219   265   306   618  1836

After watching a video titled "Referees Full Highlights in 2017 Finals Game 4 - Rigged?" by Youtuber "FreeDawkins" I saw some clock stoppages that seem symbolic by the numbers. In this first one Durant and LeBron James jaw at each other because Durant thought that he was hit in the head by Kevin Love on the play that just transpired:

Now I want you to pay attention to the time... This is one of the key moments of the game ESPN Sportscenter and sports outlets kept talking about. Notice the Cavaliers have 99 points? 99 a big number tied to the Cavs and usually favoring them.  So notice There is 7:26 on the clock?? That is a huge number. Just look at their area codes where they play. Cleveland - 216 , Oakland - 510. Well 216 + 510 = 726, "Revelation" = 726, "Warriors" = 726, "Back to Back to Back" = 726, in their last regular season game vs each other the Cavs lost by 35 and scored with 91 points .."Ninety One" = 726. Warriors originally from Philadelphia..the "City of Brotherly love". Freemasonry a Brotherhood of secrecy signed our nation into existence in Philadelphia on 7/4/1776. Philadelphia is the Citu of Prophecy from the Book of Revelation. Now: Notice this play involves # 35 KD, Cavs lost that regular season game by 35
This next one also involves Kevin Love. Draymond Green didn't think he fouled Kevin Love and argued the call so there was a technical called on someone but not sure who. I wonder why Kevin Love is involved in these. I'm thinking it's symbolic. Love wears # 0. In tennis when you score 0 it's called "Love" . Cavs were going to get 0 wins in the Finals if they didn't escape this game with a W. So I want you to look at the clock in this next one too:

Notice in the screenshot above that Cavs still have 99 points? So these 2 moments happened within a minute stretch, not far apart. Note that Warriors have 85 points? "Curry" = 85, "Basketball" = 85, "NBA Finals on ABC" = 85.  Notice that the clock in this one is stopped at 6:18? I'm not saying Game 7 is guaranteed (to me it seems like it). But if there's is going to be a game 7 it will be played on 6/18. If you recall in other posts I reminded everyone that in the last regular season game with these 2 teams LeBron James played 35 minutes, lost by 35, Cavs shot 35% from the field, and LeBron went 6-18 from the field..which i thought was pointing to the Game 7 June 18th date.  Perhaps it really is pointing to that date. The date 6/18/17 would be pronounced as "Six Eighteen Seventeen" which = 99, 117, and 306. Again, 99 is tied to the City of Cleveland. "Ohio" = 117, "Golden State Warriors" = 117. As far as 306 goes? 2017 is the 306th prime number. And don't forget that the Cavs closed every series out in the final game by holding the opposing team to exactly 102 points. There were 3 series before the finals. 102+102+102 = 306.  i noticed as well that "Six Eighteen Seventeen" also = 1836 in Gematria. Cleveland was incorporated as a City in the year 1836. Also, from the start of the '16-'17 NBA season until the start of the NBA Finals is 219 days. Game 7 would be LeBron's 219th career playoff game. Warriors originally from Philadelphia. Remember the ritual sacrificial death of 'James Paul David Bunning', the retired pitcher who used to play for the Philadelphia Phillies? Well "James Paul David Bunning" = 219. He finished his career playing a year for the Phillies in 1971 or '71. This is the 71st NBA season. Warriors' name changed to "Golden State" in the year '71. He had his jersey #14 retired by the Phillies. LeBron is in his 14th NBA season. Don't forget that the Phillies also retired Jackie Robinson's # 42 Jersey. 42 tied to LeBron, Steph Curry, and the Bible through and through 100%. He died on May 26th or 26/5 like 265. "Blood Sacrifices" = 265, "Saturn keeper of time" = 265 , "Jewish Propaganda" = 265, "Message Received" = 265. I want to mention that "Blood Sacrifice" also = 147, a big Freemasonic number important for Game 5. June 12th is 147 days from January 16th ...the last reg season game between these 2 teams.  KEY STAT OF FINALS: Kevin Durant #35 is averaging exactly 34 ppg. LeBron James is 3-4 trying to avoid going 3-5 . I want to give lots of Credit to Zachary K Hubbard for a lot of what I know today as a Truth Seeker

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