Sunday, June 11, 2017

LeBron at MJ's final Home game in the NBA + Tyronn Lue MJ's teammate that year

        10   23   29   33   44   117   131   144   164

The 'coincidences' keep piling up...well for those who believe that everything is a coincidence. I am not one of those people. So here again we have more scripting involving Tyronn Lue, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan. I was on Youtube a few minutes ago and stumbled upon a video titled "LeBron James & Chris Paul watch Michael Jordan's last game in Washington'. So LeBron was there to watch Michael Jordan's last Home game of his NBA career.
Guess who MJ's teammate was at the PG position? None other than Tyronn Lue:

As you can see above, there's Tyronn Lue with the braids and MJ in his final home game of his career. Lue wore #10 and MJ #23.....10+23 = 33. "Michael" = 33, "Cleveland" = 33, "LeBron" = 33, "James" = 33, "NBA Finals" = 33.  It's the (C)leveland (C)avaliers. CC = 33.  If you recall, I made a similar post about Tyronn Lue and MJ. Tyronn Lue was drafted 23rd overall in the 1998 NBA draft. That was the year of MJ's last championship. Then Tyronn Lue is MJ's PG during his final season in the NBA....LeBron shows up at MJ's last Home game. Then here we are with Tyronn Lue coaching LeBron...the new MJ. The one trying to pass MJ as the GOAT. It's no coincidence that MJ entered the league in 1984. That same year LeBron is born. Then MJ retires in 2003 as a teammate of Tyronn Lue, LeBron shows up to his final game and then enters the NBA that same year in 2003. Also 2003 is much like 23 as the 0's have no value.  In that Final home game MJ and the wizards lost to the Knicks picking up their 44th loss of the season on April 14th which is written 14/4 like 144. "Tyronn Lue" = 144.  The Cavs will be 14-4 if they win Game 5. LeBron will end up 4-4 in the Finals with a Finals win this year.  Then of course Michael Jordan plays the final game of his career vs the Philadelphia 76ers on April 16th or 16/4 like 164. If the Cavs win the title this year they will end up 16-4 in the playoffs and ESPN will not stop calling LeBron the GOAT.  LeBron is the new MJ, Warriors originally from Philadelphia. The Cavs actually played the Knicks in their first game of the season and won by 29  scoring 117 points. "Ohio" = 29 and 117. "Tyronn" = 29. From his May 3rd birthday until game 1 of the Finals this year on 6/1 was 29 days. LeBron has only wore 2 jersey #'s in his career. 6 and 23. add them together and you get 29. Lue wore #10, the 10th prime is 29. It's all scripted. History repeats itself.  From MJ's last game on April 16th, 2003 which was vs the 76ers, until Game 7 of the NBA Finals on 6/18 is 739 weeks. 739 is the 131st prime. "The Chosen One" = 131, "Championship" = 131


  1. If the Cavs lose this series, how can that be explained?? We live in a matrix being toyed and mocked , like a game for the rich elite! If they do win, its the same, but at least it could be explained easier

    1. Great question! If the Cavs lose then I guess they played on the whole #35 thing. In their last regular season meeting the Cavs and LeBron lost by 35, LeBron played 35 total mintes, Cavs shot 35% from the floor, giving the Warriors their 35th win of the season. Warriors acquired KD #35 in the offseason. Coaches Tyronn Lue and Mike Brown have birthdays on March 5th (3/5) and May 3rd (also is written as 3/5 in most of the world). "King James" = 35, "Cavalier" = 35. I think that's where they'd be going with it if the Warriors won. LeBron involved in another 'Trainwreck' as he was in 2015