Saturday, December 30, 2017

LeBron 'King James' 33rd Birthday today and tonight's game

King James: LeBron James turns 33 today. "LeBron" = 33, "James" = 33, "Cleveland" = 33, "The Cavs" = 33. (C)leveland (C)avaliers... 'CC' or 33. The Cavs have a game tonight I would pay close attention to as it could be prophetic for what's to come in June during the Finals. It will be the Cavs' 36th game of the season. "Cavaliers" = 36 (reduced). I guess it's also no coincidence that Stephen Curry is returning back from injury tonight on LeBron's birthday in the Warriors' game.. Steph and LeBron both born at the same hospital in Akron, Ohio. 'Stephen" = 33. Cavs and Warriors have been in the last 3 NBA Finals. LeBron's career (and life basically) has been scripted of course. He was born on 12/30. His full name "LeBron Raymone James" = 1230 (Sumerian). 'King James'... the Jewish owned NBA and the King James Bible that the Freemasons go by. I guess LeBron has played 1313 games so far in his career. 13th prime is 99. 'Cleveland' = 990.  "Cavaliers" = 909... The number '0' has no value.   13 is the 6th 1313 is kinda like '66'. "LeBron" = 66, "LeBron James" = 66. There are 66 books in the 'King James' Bible. "James" = 223, 'Masonic' = 223, "Number Twenty Three" = 223 - 
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LeBron born on 12/30
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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Scripted & Pre-Determined life of Donald Trump

Wow. So just how scripted is Donald Trump's life really?? Well let's see... I just found out that if you put his name + all his kids' names in the Gematria calculator you get 322 and 911 : "Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr. Ivanka Trump Eric Trump Tiffany Trump Barron Trump " = 322 (reduced) and 911 (reverse ordinal). Everyone knows the number 322 from Skull and Bones...but there is so much more to the number than a secret society. The Georgia Guidestones' erection date is just one of many things proving that. Trump predicted the 9/11 attacks in his 'America We deserve' book from January 2000. He just won the election last year on 11/9 or written in most of the world as 9/11. I'll throw out some stuff you guys may remember - This is the same guy who was born during a Lunar Eclipse on US Flag day...June 14th, 1946 and was POTUS during the rare Total Solar Eclipse that recently occurred. In Gematria (Which you can see all the different ciphers/forms by visiting and clicking the 'Calculator' option) "June Fourteenth Nineteen Forty Six" = 404 (ordinal) like "Make America Great Again" = 404. Revelation of course has 404 verses.

Trump born in "Queens, NY" which = 404 (Primes). If you put Trumps' birthdate to primes you get 322. So 6/14/19-46.... 6th prime = 13, 14th prime = 43, 19th prime = 67, and 46th prime = 199. And 13 + 43 + 67 + 199 = 322. Take note that 3+2+2 = 7. Think of the 'G' in the Masonic Compass and Square. G is the 7th letter. Trump born in the year '46.. and 46 x 7 = 322. Born to "Frederick Christ Trump" which = 322 (FB). He's rich because he took over his grandmothers real estate business. Her name was "Elizabeth Christ Trump" which = 666 (Satanic Gematria) like "Satanic Gematria" = 666 (Satanic Gematria). Note the middle name of 'Christ'. The 322nd prime is 2137. 21 x 37 = 777. Trump is the same guy who stepped in Office exactly 70 years, 7 months, 7 days (777) into his life. Same guy who stepped in Office exactly 888 weeks after his "America We Deserve" book was published. "Donald J Trump" = 888. Same guy who stepped in Office exactly 6666 weeks after the birth of Hitler who was born on 4/20/1889. Hitler was seen as a major "Anti-Christ" figure -

...Trump's ancestry is German. 'Donald J Trump" = 1189 (Jewish), there are 1189 chapters in the Bible. Revelation 13:18 was written in Greek. In Greek Revelation 13:18 is "hode esti sophia. echo nous psephizo arithmos therion; gar esti arithmos anthropos: kai autos arithmos chi xi stigma" which = 1189 (Ordinal)..... 'And his number is six hundred threescore and six' in Greek is the last part above which reads "kai autos arithmos chi xi stigma" which = 322 (ordinal). Go to this link to see Revelation 13:18 in Greek - * ** So yeah, Many in Jewish Mysticism say that there are three (3) powers before Satan and twenty-two (22) demons which correspond to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.... (322). In the image below you will see that Trumps name + all his kids' names combine to = 322 and 911. "Nine One One" = 322 (primes). September 11th had just as much to do with the number 322 as it did anything else. Take the date itself. 9/11/2001: 9+1+1+2+0+0+1 = 14. Then adding it the other way: 9+11 +2+0+0+1 = 23. And 14 x 23 = 322. Some added stuff quick: "Donald John Trump" = 977 (English). Born on "Six Fourteen Forty Six" = 977.(Primes). "Emergency Code" (911) = 977 (English)... The number 977 is the 165th prime, Trump born on US Flag day, the 165th day of the year. "Nine Eleven" = 165 (reverse Ordinal). Regarding Saturn, "June Fourteen" = 1331 (Jewish) No way any of it was an accident or coincidence -

Monday, September 11, 2017

SuperBowl 51 and the 9/11 symbolism everybody seemed to miss

The scripted comeback was obvious during Super Bowl 51 this year. What had me interested is the 911 connections to it all. So here's a bunch of facts : The '16-'17 NFL season started last year on 9/11, 2016. The number 1617 is Octal of  911.
 The Atlanta Falcons' Head coach Dan Quinn has been in 3 of the last 4 Superbowls, his birthday is September 11th.
 The Patriots' regular season BYE week was week (9) , the Falcons' regular season BYE week was Week (11).

The Patriots went into the Superbowl avg (9.11) Yards per attempt vs the Falcons. Keep in mind that the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick dynasty began during the season of the 9/11 attacks in which Brady won his first Superbowl in one of the most scripted SuperBowls ever.  What I really want to get to though is this -  During the FOX Superbowl Pre-game show there were stars like John Travolta doing a parody of "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks. on the right side of the screen throughout the parody there was a clock on the wall that they kept showing with the hands of the clock at (9) and (11)... 9/11. Again , 1617 in octal is 911. The parody started out immediately with the camera on a guy wearing a black #9 Drew Brees jersey. Then the camera immediately goes up to Rob Riggle who is the main singer of the parody and is wearing a white Alex Smith #11 Jersey....911. Funny how they try hiding the jerseys so well like we're complete idiots. If you cannot see the 9 and 11 subliminals there then you really need  Real Eyes to Realize the Real lies. So right after it shows the #9 and #11 jerseys the camera angle widens and goes to Aaron Paul who is the next singer in the Parody...and he is wearing a NY Giants hoodie and is right next to the clock on the wall with the hands at 9 and 11...Are you picking up what I'm laying down??? Jersey's #9 and #11 ..then a NY Giants hoodie....9/11 NY (Twin Towers destruction). See how they mock us and these scripted sports league are all a part of the Narrative & Globalist Zionist Agenda??? Then Right after this, former NFL player Brian Urlacher walks into the camera view as he is the next singer. He is wearing his own Jersey #54 (5+4 = 9) , Riggle with the #11 jersey next to him in the middle, and then Aaron Paul in his NY Giants hoodie.. Again they are spelling it out for you: 9/11 NY. Funny how they place all the people at the perfect spots the guy wearing the #9 Drew Brees jersey.   To add to that, "Nine Eleven" = 51, It was Superbowl 51 with all the number 51 connections... Sports are scripted and are spelling something out symbolically/subliminally for what is to come.  Below is the pictures in stages of the parody that I described to you. I will also post the video of the parody after:

Drew Brees #9 Jersey immediately at the start of the video that the camera breezes by quickly
Riggle in his #11 Alex Smith Jersey next
 Camera switches over to Aaron Paul who is wearing NY Giants hoodie
 Camera now switches to Urlacher in his #54 jersey (5+4 = 9)
 Then the camera swicthes to this angle showing all give you the message of '9/11 NY'
 Here's John Travolta the Scientologist. I just wanted to point out the clock with that hands at (9and (11) shown throughout the entire parody video

Below is the full 2:41 second video. Funny cause America turned 241 years old this year on July 4th

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Revelation 13:18 and Pope Francis/Barack Obama

The way Pope Francis Stepped onto the world stage was rather alarming if you ask me. Pope Benedict announces on 2/11/13 that he's stepping down as Pope after just becoming Pope in 2005 because he says that "God told him to''... That was a bunch of b.s of course. Right after he announced he was stepping down Lightning struck the top of the Vatican not once..but Twice.

 So he steps down as Pope on February 28th, 2013. Then 13 days later on 3/13/13 (make note of the number '13') Pope Francis is 'selected' as Pope and steps in as the 266th pope ever. This is where I started thinking 'Why that date...something's gotta be up'.. and what I found was shocking to say the least. This is why I urge people to use numbers.. Numbers are the key to mysteries, riddles, secrets...really everything. So looking at the date I immediately saw that those 3 numbers 3-13-13 are all primes. 3 is the (2)nd prime , 13 is the (6)th prime, and 13 again is the (6)th prime.....266! The verse about the # of Revelation 13:18 says word for word "Six hundred Threescore and six" = 313 (Ordinal).  Then I took his name to the Gematria calculator. Gematria is the ancient practice of coding #'s into words. I advise everybody to learn Gematria as it is vital to understanding many of the elite's hidden agenda's as well as ancient Mysteries/Prophecies. Basic Gemaria which is called "Ordinal" is when A=1, B=2, all the way up to Z=26. You can access all the different forms of Gematria methods by visiting So I take his name to Gematria and ''Pope Francis" again put me in shock. "Pope Francis" = 122 (ordinal) , 175 (reverse ordinal) , 404 (Jewish), and 507 (Satanic). Right off the bat those numbers may not stand out to you but they will shortly. The Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible is known as the Book of Prophecy.... by the way, "Prophecy" = 666 (Jewish). 122 stands out because "Six hundred Sixty Six" = 122 in Gematria as does "Chi Xi Stigma". Chi Xi Stigma is Greek for Six Hundred Sixty Six. Revelation and the entire New Testament of the Bible was written in Greek. 404 stands out big because the Book of Revelation has 404 verses total. Pope Francis arrived in the US for his first ever US visit as Pope in 2015 and stepped off the plane at exactly 4:04 PM EST. Francis is from "Argentina" which = 404 (Satanic). Now 175 and 507 stood out majorly because Revelation 13:18 (the 666 verse) is verse # 30927 of the Bible. This was by Design 100%.  The square root of the # 30927 is 175.8607403601...... "Pope" = 175, "Pope Francis" = 175... Revelation 13:18 is verse #229 of Revelation...leaving 175 verses left.  Also 507 is major because it is a divisor of the number 30927 and again "Pope Francis" = 507 (satanic gematria). "Satan" = 507 (Trigonal). Guess what the factorization of the # 507 is??? It's 3 x 13 x 13 . Francis stepped in on 3/13/13..all by design folks.

 I want to bring former president Barack Obama into this as well..because I do not believe that he is done serving his purpose here on Earth. He also came out of nowhere and we still don't know where he's from, his actual date of birth, his real parents, etc. Barack Obama was born on August 4th, 1961. That is the 216th day of the year. 216 = 6 x 6 x 6 (hidden way to get 666). "Barack" = 216 (Sumerian) , "Obama" = 216 (Trigonal).  1961 is the same when you flip it over clockwise upside down (As Above So Below). Obama and Pope Francis are up to something big is my thinking. Obama was born in "Hawaii" which = 666 (reverse sumerian). Obama grew up in 2 locations which are Hawaii and Indonesia. "Hawaii, Indonesia" = 666 (Satanic). Honolulu is on the 21.6 degree latitude North parallel. Hawaii is called "The Aloha State" which = 216 (reverse ordinal).  As a matter of fact Obama stepped in Office on 1/20/2009., Pope Francis stepped in as Pope on 3/13/13, exactly 216 weeks apart.  His full name "Barack Hussein Obama" = 793 in both (English) and (Satanic) Gematria.  793 is also a divisor of 30927.... 30927 = 793 x 39... In fact, the full factorization of 30927 is 3 x 3 x 13 x 61 . Notice anything? Francis again, steps in on 3/13/13..Obama born in the year '61. So it's like the factorization of 507 + the factorization of 793 combined! 507's factorization is 3 x 13 x 13..... 793's factorization is 13 x 61. ("Pope Francis" = 507, "Barack Hussein Obama" = 793). And keep in mind that 61 is the 18th prime number. 18 = 6 + 6 + 6. This verse , Revelation 13:18 was put in that order by complete design. Firstly, the book of Revelation is the 66th book of the Bible. This is chapter 13 which = the 6th prime. it's verse 18 which = 6 + 6  + 6. Pope Francis I think is the False Prophet character from Revelation 13:11. Obama I believe is the Antichrist character because he matches the most characteristics of the 'Antichrist'  of anyone I've seen. I think it's all the Zionists playing God. Bringing us these crazy storms all of a sudden and many other things we're starting to see that seem to be prophetic. Much of it is man made prophecy..making their own prophecies come to pass for sake of fear, control, and ultimately agenda. No wonder why Obama was in the Wired magazine last year and the headline on's page read "Barack Obama: Now is the greatest time to be alive" which = 666 (reverse ordinal).

These 2 men are a part of something big...something planned based on Prophecy. All the Freemasons have Bible's in their lodges. They know Prophecy and script prophecy accordingly most often. A couple things I also need to mention: Satanic Gematria is very interesting because "Satanic Gematria" = 666 in (Satanic Gematria). Basic Gematria (Called 'Ordinal') is when A = 1, B = 2, C= 3, etc...all the way up to Z = 26. Well Satanic Gematria starts at A=36 and ends at Z=61. It starts at 36 because when you add #'s 1-36 you get the sum of 666 (# of Satan/The Beast). Well lo and behold Pope Francis was born in the year '36 and Obama was born in the year '61. Lastly, I never mentioned the number 229 yet. Revelation, as stated has 404 verses total. Revelation 13:18 is verse # 229 of Revelation. "Barack Obama" = 229 (reverse ordinal), "Francis" = 229 (Jewish). Obama was born in Hawaii the 50th State. 229 is the 50th prime, America has 50 States.  When mentioning the # 229 I always make sure to mention September 11th..which is coming up next week. "Manhattan, New York" = 229 (reverse ordinal) It was said that 2977 people died on 9/11. the factorization of 2977 is 13 x 229. There's that # 13 again. Revelation chapter 13:18 is chapter 13 and is verse # 229 of revelation overall.... 13 x 229. As many know 13 represents evil, disobedience, rebellion, witchcraft, Satanism, bloodlines of the Illuminati, bad luck, etc. So again, the 666 beast verse is Revelation chapter 13 and is verse # 229 overall of Revelation. 9/11 goes much much deeper than people does the Bible. Watch out for these 2 men and others as the New World Agenda is being pushed harder now than ever before. Famous musician Prince said we can only go by 'Prophecy' now...and man oh man, was he ever RIGHT. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Surface Temperature of the SUN/Hebrew year 5778

Just got another interesting find. Some people call stuff 'Fear Porn'. I am not about fear porn and fear mongering. But these finds I keep seeing I have to bring up. My conscience won't let me avoid it. Somebody has to bring up the stuff nobody wants to talk about. The Surface (Photosphere) temperature of the SUN is said to be 5778 degrees kelvin. The Jewish New Year 5778 (called Rosh Hashanah) begins on September 20th, 2017 at Sundown. Just days before to the Revelation 12 sign in the constellations of Virgo and Leo. Throughout the history of Mankind much of it has revolved around worship of the SUN. Many believe that Jesus of the Bible is symbolic of the SUN...hence the 'SUN' of God. To me Christianity, like most other religions, is about worship of the SUN So we have the Total Solar Eclipse, then the Jewish New Year which they call 'Rosh Hashanah', and then the Revelation 12 sign in the constellations days later. Makes you think doesn't it??? Genesis 1:14 of the Christian Bible says and even the Torah of Judaism states: "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years".
Is this also just another coincidence??? Whether Jesus or whoever is Real or not, Idk. What I do know is that it's hard to just shrug these 'SIGNS' off as just coincidence. You be the judge:

What is Rosh Hashanah? -

August 21 Solar Eclipse/Georgia Guidestones

Just asking a question here guys, honestly. What you think of this?? Not about fear..more about what we will do about the things going on right now in the world. I don't like thinking about scary crazy stuff any more than the next person, trust me lol. I'm also not saying anything major will happen anytime tomorrow. Although we know the elite are up to big things lately. I will say that tomorrow is a very important day for the Elite and those in satanic Secret Societies at the top. Last time this happened in America was 99 years ago. Maybe tomorrow marks something historic on the Elite's timeline of what direction they want to steer the world. So, Many call the Georgia Guidestones the ten commandments of the Illuminati/Elite. From March 22, 1980 or 3/22/1980 when the Guidestones were first erected until the Eclipse tomorrow 8/21/2017 is exactly 13,666 days...... "The Twenty First of August" = 322 (Ordinal). So 13,666 days. The number 13 is the 6th you could look at it as '6666'. Kinda like Revelation 13:18 (number of the beast scripture)... It's Chapter '13'.....again, 13 is the 6th prime and 18 is this verse is about the number 666 of course. Also more perspective on the #13: August 21st is day 233 of the year. 233 is the '13th' Fibonacci number. There are 613 Jewish Commandments (13 is the 6th prime).  The #13 is labeled as the bad luck number, the number of rebellion/number of Evil. Number of witchcraft, Devil, 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, the 13 brick layers on the pyramid on the reverse of the US $1 bill, Friday the 13th. Nimrod of the Bible (Leader of the Tower of Babel rebellion against the biblical God) was the 13th generation from Adam. The first time the word "rebel'' appears in the Bible is in Genesis 14:4 where it says "Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the THIRTEENTH year they rebelled" . See how they rebelled in the 13th year?? I am not a Christian (used to be) but look at all the Look at all the signs of the times lately: Donald Trump becomes president 70 years 7 months and 7 days into his life (777). He also stepped in Office exactly 6666 weeks after Hitler was born (April 20th, 1889 until January 20th, 2017). He also stepped in Office exactly 888 weeks after his book "The America we deserve" was published (January 15th, 2000 until January 20th, 2017). In that book he predicted the 9/11 attacks supposedly. The Bible has 1189 chapters. "Donald J Trump" = 1189 (Jewish Gematria). Look at his and the vice presidents' names. 'Trump' and 'Pence'. Combine those and you have 'Trumpence' like 'Trumpets' ...Trumpets are an end time symbol of Jesus returning and the world ending. The OT of the bible has 929 chapters. The NT of the bible has 260 chapters for 1189 total. Crazy how Donald Trump is from NYC , home to area code 929. And Pence is from Indiana, home to area code 260. Trump was selected and meant to be president during this time in history. Are these Zionists spelling it out for us?? Scare tactics and scripting prophecy?? Then 33 days after today we have the Revelation 12 sign. 33 as we all should know by now is the number of Freemasonry and really, number of the Bible.  I'll post some pics below of the Gematria and stuff. The we hear about all these billionaires building caves and underground Cities and crap. Well I'm sure they're very familiar with Revelation 6:15 then (Full verse posted below). So yeah, what y'all think of that, just coincidence...more fear porn contrived by the occultists???

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kevin Durant Finals MVP - More scripted Achievements

ESPN threw out a stat last night during the Post Game celebration saying that Kevin Durant is the first player since Moses Malone in '83 to switch teams in the off-season and then the next season win Finals MVP. Moses Malone was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers in '83, Philadelphia the original home of the Warriors. Durant did it in the Warriors' 83rd win of the season. Remember, Warriors finished the regular season with 67 wins. "Eighty Three" = 67. The 23rd prime is 83, KD dethroned Lebron #23.

The 2017 NBA Finals = A HUGE Tribute to David Rockefeller and the Rockefeller Dynasty

                                                      23   33   84   223    254   911 

If you recall , earlier this year David Rockefeller died on March 20th or 20/3 like '23'. LeBron's number. MJ's number. Notice that David Rockefeller was born on June 12th?? WOW.  The Rockefeller family is of the most evil in the history of mankind. A family at the very forefront of the Zionist Banker Tyrant NWO agenda. David's father 'John D Rockefeller' is the founder of the multi-billion dollar Standard Oil Company which was founded by him in none other than Cleveland, Ohio.  Stand Oil was the largest Oil refinery in the entire world at it's time. Kinda see where this is going? So David Rockefeller was born on June 12th, (day that LeBron was dethroned as King and lost his 5th Finals) and Rockefeller died on 20/3 this year 2017. He was the last Patriarch in the family. So his death was of utmost significance. From March 20th until June 12th is 84 days. "United States of America" = 84, MJ entered the NBA in '84, LeBron was born in '84. 84 days  (as you will see in the image below) is also 2 month 23 days like 223. "James" = 223, "Number Twenty Three" = 223, "Philadelphia" = 223 (original home of the Warriors, City from book of Revelation/Prophecy). You can also see below that it is 12 weeks. "James" = 12. LeBron was 3-4 in the Finals heading into yesterdays June 12th game. Kind of makes me think of David Rockefeller's April 3rd or 3/4 cover of the "Newsweek" magazine. See also that it is 2016 hours? These are the 2016 - 2017 NBA Finals.

David Rockefeller was one of the most evil human beings to ever walk this face of this planet. In the images above you can see his Date of Birth, Date he died, and his Cover of the April 3rd (or 3/4) 1967 edition of the Newsweek magazine. Not saying this is connected but interesting - LeBron was 3-4 heading into last nights game.  Notice his watch had the hands of the clock at 9 and 11?? Obviously not a coincidence. He was the guy who set forth the plans to build the Twin Towers. He knew they were being built to only be destroyed on a certain future Occultic date for Occultic reasons. "Newsweek" = 33,"Cleveland" = 33, "LeBron" = 33, "James" = 33, "NBA Finals" = 33. I stated in my last post, Steve Kerr just won his 254th game ever as coach of the Warriors. September 11th (or 9/11) is the 254th day of the year. Speaking of 9/11, look at how many days there are from David Rockefeller's death until LeBron James' 33rd birthday: 

9 months 11 days. Is this all coincidence??? I think not. Think of LeBron James and Jay-Z's close relationship. Jay-Z = Rock-a-fella records.

 I want to go a step further as well and talk a  little of the past NFL season in accordance with 9/11... and for you to look what other key Zionist front-runner was born on June 12th:

None other than George H.W Bush. Mr Skull & Bones 322 NWO Bush. The same one who gave 2 NWO speeches before and the most memorable of those was on Septmeber 11th, 1990. Exactly 11 years before the 9/11/2001 attacks. Bush became the first US president to ever do an NFL Superbowl 
coin toss this year in SuperBowl 51. "Nine Eleven" = 51. Notice during the NFL regular season the Patriots had their BYE week in Week 9 and the Falcons had their BYE week in Week 11.....911. ^The Falcons head coach Dan Quinn has his birthday on September 11th (911). Patriots went into Superbowl 51 averaging 9.11 Yards per attempt all time vs the Falcons. Does anyone know what 911 is in Octal??? It's 1617. We just had the '16 - '17 season of the NFL and NBA, very symbolic seasons heavy with 9/11 tributes. Also notice that 16+17 = 33, the number we keep talking about. 33 is the highest degree of Freemasonry. LeBron will be 33 this year, The Warriors just won the NBA Finals in their 33rd ever playoff appearance as a franchise.  I highlighted the 1617 below:

So Warriors win - Tribute to MJ the 'G.O.A.T' - Saturn/Golden Age

            35   55   126   144   254   129     217 + more

Well, I can't say that it turned out how I thought it would and that I called it, I definitely didn't call it. If I were to bet I would've chosen Cavaliers if I had a gun pointed at my head. But throughout it all I stated there were narratives for both teams. What this was all about though was opening people's eyes to the B.S that goes on in Pro sports. After Game 4 I leaned more toward a Cavs comeback. But it's not always easy to see the outcome of the rigging. The 2 biggest finds I made and stated was that the fact that there is a lot of 35 numerology and surroinding the Warriors this year in relation to LeBron going 3-5 all time in the Finals...I also made mention of the 2 regular season games between the Warriors and Cavaliers that ended with a combined total score of 217 points and putting emphasis on 217. I also stated that Game 5 was LeBron's 217th playoff game of his career and he's trying to pass MJ. When is Michael Jordan's birthday??February 17th or 2/17.  The only game he won of this series was the 216th playoff game of his career which was played in Cleveland, home of the 216 area code. Those 2 games between the Cavs and Warriors did tell us everything. It's all in how you interpret. In that MLKJ January 16th game the Warriors won 126-91, difference of 35 points. What was the record for teams trying to comeback from a 3-0 series deficit? It was 0 - 126 . Warriors scored exactly 126 points on January 16th for that very reason. "Oakland" = 126.  Warriors win in Oakland on 12/6.  "June Twelfth Twenty Seventeen" = 126.  I also remember that 5 years ago LeBron beat KD in the Heat vs Thunder Finals 4-1. Now here we are 5 years later, #35 KD beats LeBron 4-1 sending LeBron to 3-5 in the 5th game of the Finals which gave the Cavaliers their 5th loss of the playoffs total ..meaning he has 5 Finals losses on his resume and the Warriors now have 5 championships as a franchise. Also not that 6/12/17 has date numerology of 35.(6 + 12 + 17 = 35).Kevin Durant won Finals MVP averaging 35 ppg in the Finals.  Then think of how all of this was also a tribute to Michael Jordan to remain the 'Greatest Of All Time'. I made a post about this.  From MJ's last championship on 6/14/1998 until the start of these NBA Finals was 989 weeks. "Greatest Of All Time" = 989. Again, the scores of the Cavs vs Warriors regular season games were: Cavs 109 Warriors 108.  Then Warriors 126 Cavs 91. Both games totaling 217 points. MJ's birthday is 2/17. LeBron lost in his 217 career playoff game. All a tribute to Michael Jordan to remain the GOAT and to 'Dethrone' the King...'King James'. Look at the Gematria of   'June Twelfth':

Notice the 144, 153, 864, and 1984?  144 is of course the Time number. NOTE: Game 5 was Steve Kerr's 254th win as Warriors head coach including the playoffs. "Time" = 144 and 254. "Light" = 144 and 254.  To these sick twisted zionist individuals everything in this life is about Light, Time, Sun worship.   September 11th is the 254th day of the year. Remember after 9/11 they had the 'Tribute in Light'.  864 is the number of the SUN. They tell us in school that the Sun is 864,000 miles in diameter. There were tons of 9/11 tributes and subliminals in sports, especially the NFL and Super Bowl 51. "Nine Eleven" = 51, Cavs finished with 51 reg season wins, etc. 153 we should know by now is tied to both the Cavs and the Warriors.  "Cavaliers" = 153, "Steph Curry" = 153, "Christ" = 153, Jesus caught 153 Fish in the 'Miraculous catch'. 153 the 17th triangular number, Ohio the 17th State, Cavs are the 17th team to join the NBA. Warriors just won the Finals in their 17th playoff game this year,  we're in the year '17. Then of course 1984. The year Michael Jordan entered the NBA and the later that year was the birth of "King James" LeBron. Notice how the Warriors are now looking like next Dynasty as the Chicago Bulls were or the Lakers/Celtics. Much of this connects back to Saturn. It is said that the God Saturn ruled during the "Golden Age"...The Golden State Warriors set to lead the NBA's next Golden Age of a Dynasty

Monday, June 12, 2017

KEY GAME pointing to a Finals Game 7? Warriors vs Spurs Game 2 on 5/16/17

                                         33  236 & others

Quick NOTE: Tonight's game is played on June 12th or 12/6. Teams are 0-126 when trying to come back from 3-0 down. It's also being played in "Oakland" which = 126 ]. -  On May 16th, 2017 the Warriors beat the Spurs 136-100. This was one of those games that also left me scratching my head because I knew the score in that game was important. First off, From May 16th until June 18th (Game 7 date) is 33 days. This is the Warriors' 33rd playoff appearance all time as a franchise.  "Cleveland" = 33, "LeBron" = 33, "James" = 33, NBA Finals" = 33, Stephen" = 33. It's the '16-'17 NBA season...16 + 17 = 33.   It was played on May 16th or 16/5. "Cleveland" = 165. The combined amount of points was 236 points. Why is that important? From the start of the '16-'17 NBA season on 10/25/2016 until Game 7 on 6/18/2017 is 236 days. The Warriors are currently 159-146 all time in the Playoffs as a franchise.  The divisors of 159 sum to 216 as I have state...216 the Cleveland area code. 3 more losses would give them 149 losses total in the playoffs. 149 is the 35th prime, "King James" = 35, "Cavalier" = 35. They acquired #35 KD in the off-season to dethrone the King. Lot's of 35's this season with these 2 teams that I could ramble off.

So they are 159-146 as of right now. 159+146 = 305 playoff games so far. Tonight's game is the 306th...... 2017 is the 306th prime. That seems to go in the Warriors favor if I was asked but that doesn't mean they'll close it out tonight, their 306th playoff game ever. Again, it could all go either way but I am sticking with a Game 7....whether I end up right or wrong. Time will tell

Another '102' phrase I forgot about + OHIO and sports

                      19   51   67   94   102    306   2017

If you have been following up until now you should remember the post I made about the Cavaliers' opponents scoring exactly 102 points in every closeout game so far in these playoffs. One of the stories that came out during these playoffs was about how the Warriors copied the Cavaliers' championship slogan which is "Defend The land" . The Warriors tweaked it slightly by going with "Defend Our Ground". I noticed that "Defend The Land" = 102 in Gematria. Very fitting seeing how all the teams that lost to the Cavaliers in the closeout games scored 102 points. Remember, 102 + 102 + 102 = 306. The 306th prime = 2017.

As far as Game 7 goes, it will be LeBron's 94th game played this season (his teams 102nd). The Cavs if they lose again will have 94 total playoff losses. I'm not expecting that to happen but anything is possible in the world of scripted sports. "Defending Champions" = 94. Keep in mind that "One Hundred Two" = 67 in gematria. Cavs looking to win the Chip in Game 7 which is their 102nd total game played this year and would give them 67 total wins on the season. What's tricky is that Warriors need one more win to win the Finals which gives them 83 total wins. "Eighty Three" also = 67 in Gematria. Here's more trickiness. Cavs finished the reg season with 51 wins. Currently the Warriors have 82 wins. "Eighty Two" = 51. I also notice that Eastern teams have won the championships this year so far. Patriots, Penguins, now Cavaliers??? Maybe. Also interesting is that the NFL and MLB were both founded in Ohio, the 17th State. The 'Akron Pros' won the first APFA (NFL) championship. LeBron and Steph curry born in the same hospital in Akron, Ohio. After Brady won the SuperBowl with a historic scripted comeback LeBron Tweeted Brady and called him the "GOAT". The argument now is whether or not LeBron can pass MJ as the 'GOAT'. Will we have a De JA Vu  moment with the NBA Finals synched to SuperBowl 51? Again, Cavs won 51 games in the reg season. 

As you can see, both founded in the State of Ohio. From the scripted SuperBowl 51 comeback until the possible Game 7 Comeback scenario is exactly 19 weeks. The 19th prime is 67. Cavs would get 67 wins if they won that game. Also don't forget that Kevin Durant had a scripted injury this year where it caused him to miss 19 games. Warriors would have 19 losses if they lose in Game 7 and Cavs will have 67 wins....19th prime is 67.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nate Thurmond also played for the Chicago Bulls

Adding insult to injury, Nate Thurmond also played for the Chicago Bulls...that fact making his death look even more like a 100% sacrifice for the Warriors and Cavaliers rivalry. Although we know it was definitely a sacrifice to begin with:

The Warriors beat the Bulls' 72 win record last year for most wins in a LeBron is trying to surpass MJ. Nate Thurmond of course died 27 days after Game 7 of the NBA Finals last year where LeBron scored 27 points. Both the Warriors and Cavs retired his jersey last year. LeBron, Steph, and Nate all born in Akron, Ohio and the first 2 born in the same hospital. Thurmond entered the NBA the same year Michael Jordan was born (1963). Jordan entered the NBA the same year LeBron was born (1984). Thurmond wore #42, "LeBron James" = 42 as we know by now.  Warriors with the 42 stripe tribute on their jersey's. Thurmond shot 42% from the field for his career.  Nate Thurmond died on July 16th or 16/7 like 167. Warriors are looking to get this last win putting them at 83 wins. Cavs looking to get 67 total wins.  "'Eighty Three" = 167 and 67.  Nate Thurmond finished his career playing for the Cavaliers at ages 34 and 35. LeBron is 3-4 looking to avoid going 3-5.
Nate Thurmond played a total of 114 games for the Cavs. "LeBron James" = 114
The Cavs and Warriors have been chasing Chicago and Jordan. Chicago is the other Zionist Jew Mecca. NYC being #1. 

Steve Kerr & Tyronn Lue. MORE NBA scripting

                      101   147   164   253   613   1126

I guess I could go on about these guys forever. I found out that from when Steve Kerr became the Warriors' head coach on May 19th, 2014 until Tyronn Lue became the Cavaliers' head coach on January 22nd, 2016 is 613 days. From Game 7 of the NBA Finals this year (If it's played) until LeBron's 33rd birthday is 6 months 13 613.

 HERE"S A VERY INTERESTING ONE: From when Steve Kerr became Warriors' head coach on May 19th, 2014 until Game 7 of these NBA Finals on 6/18/17 is 1126 days. Remember, teams trying to come back from 3-0 down in a playoff series are 0-126. If Cavaliers win that would make the record 1126. Warriors just had Mike Brown coaching them for a stretch, LeBron's first NBA head coach. "Mike Brown" = 1126 in Gematria. Very interesting. Here's another shocker. The score of the last game (the first game the Cavs have won this Finals) was 137 - of 253 points.  I couldn't figure out for the life of me why 253 was so significant.. I mean, the Cavs didn't get swept like everyone thought they would. I literally just found out that Steve Kerr as of right now in this moment , including the Playoff, has 253 wins total as Warriors head coach. Was the combined 253 points last game a tribute for the Cavs to keep Kerr at 253 wins?

 Guess how many days it is from Game 7 until Steve Kerrs September 29th birthday?? It's 101 days. Game 7 will be Warriors' 101st game played this season. From Tyronn Lue's May 3rd birthday until Steve Kerrs September 27th birthday is 147 days. 147 connected to Freemasonry through and through. Combine Kerrs 253 wins with the fact that Tyronn Lue has coached a total of 161 Cavs games... 3 more games would make it 164 games total..where the Cavs would end up 16-4 in the Playoffs this year and a's starting to look more and more like Game 7 is in the books, a guarantee. But we shall see how they want it played out though

Tyronn Lue's Cavaliers coaching record overall including playoffs

     23   102   122   144   164   216   227   311      

Since Tyronn Lue took over as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers mid season last year, including the playoffs,  he is now overall 107-54 ...after Game 4 of these Finals concluded. MEANING that if the Cavs win the next 3 games of these Finals, Lue's coaching record in Cleveland overall will be 110-54...coaching a total of 164 games. Cleveland would finish the season 16-4 like 164. Remember, Michael Jordan's last NBA game was vs the Philadelphia 76ers on April 16th in 2003....a date written 16/ 164.  Tyronn Lue was his teammate and PG that year on the Wizards. Warriors originally from Philadelphia. 

Also take note of how Tyronn lue started coaching the Cavaliers on 1/22. "Golden State" = 122, they play in Oakland which is on the 122nd meridian. January 22nd or 1/22 is also 23 days after LeBron #23's birthday which is on December 30th. And now here we go with the number 102 again. January 22nd last year happened to be exactly 102 days before Tyronn Lue's birthday. 102 is a big number connected to Cleveland especially in these 2017 playoffs. Of course Lue coaching the Cavs in the 216 area code and the divisors of 102 sum to 216 as many know by now.  102 days is also 14 weeks 4 days like 144. 'Tyronn Lue" = 144. Cavs looking to improve to 14-4 after Game 5. That same amount of days (102 days) is also 3 months 11 days.  "Michael Jordan" = 311. LeBron chasing Jordan. Game 7 of these NBA finals on June 18th is 3 months 11 days before Kevin Durant's September 29th birthday.  Another number I want to throw into this is 227. "June Eighteenth" = 227. Cleveland was founded as a City on July 22nd....a day written as 22/7 like 227. It's the number for PI amongst other things. Remember the Warriors this year beating the Philadelphia 76ers on February 27th or 2/27..with a score of 119-108..combined score of 227 on 2/27?? Funny that on the same day the Cavs beat the Bucks scoring 102 points.  

LeBron at MJ's final Home game in the NBA + Tyronn Lue MJ's teammate that year

        10   23   29   33   44   117   131   144   164

The 'coincidences' keep piling up...well for those who believe that everything is a coincidence. I am not one of those people. So here again we have more scripting involving Tyronn Lue, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan. I was on Youtube a few minutes ago and stumbled upon a video titled "LeBron James & Chris Paul watch Michael Jordan's last game in Washington'. So LeBron was there to watch Michael Jordan's last Home game of his NBA career.
Guess who MJ's teammate was at the PG position? None other than Tyronn Lue:

As you can see above, there's Tyronn Lue with the braids and MJ in his final home game of his career. Lue wore #10 and MJ #23.....10+23 = 33. "Michael" = 33, "Cleveland" = 33, "LeBron" = 33, "James" = 33, "NBA Finals" = 33.  It's the (C)leveland (C)avaliers. CC = 33.  If you recall, I made a similar post about Tyronn Lue and MJ. Tyronn Lue was drafted 23rd overall in the 1998 NBA draft. That was the year of MJ's last championship. Then Tyronn Lue is MJ's PG during his final season in the NBA....LeBron shows up at MJ's last Home game. Then here we are with Tyronn Lue coaching LeBron...the new MJ. The one trying to pass MJ as the GOAT. It's no coincidence that MJ entered the league in 1984. That same year LeBron is born. Then MJ retires in 2003 as a teammate of Tyronn Lue, LeBron shows up to his final game and then enters the NBA that same year in 2003. Also 2003 is much like 23 as the 0's have no value.  In that Final home game MJ and the wizards lost to the Knicks picking up their 44th loss of the season on April 14th which is written 14/4 like 144. "Tyronn Lue" = 144.  The Cavs will be 14-4 if they win Game 5. LeBron will end up 4-4 in the Finals with a Finals win this year.  Then of course Michael Jordan plays the final game of his career vs the Philadelphia 76ers on April 16th or 16/4 like 164. If the Cavs win the title this year they will end up 16-4 in the playoffs and ESPN will not stop calling LeBron the GOAT.  LeBron is the new MJ, Warriors originally from Philadelphia. The Cavs actually played the Knicks in their first game of the season and won by 29  scoring 117 points. "Ohio" = 29 and 117. "Tyronn" = 29. From his May 3rd birthday until game 1 of the Finals this year on 6/1 was 29 days. LeBron has only wore 2 jersey #'s in his career. 6 and 23. add them together and you get 29. Lue wore #10, the 10th prime is 29. It's all scripted. History repeats itself.  From MJ's last game on April 16th, 2003 which was vs the 76ers, until Game 7 of the NBA Finals on 6/18 is 739 weeks. 739 is the 131st prime. "The Chosen One" = 131, "Championship" = 131