Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tyronn Lue's Cavaliers coaching record overall including playoffs

     23   102   122   144   164   216   227   311      

Since Tyronn Lue took over as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers mid season last year, including the playoffs,  he is now overall 107-54 ...after Game 4 of these Finals concluded. MEANING that if the Cavs win the next 3 games of these Finals, Lue's coaching record in Cleveland overall will be 110-54...coaching a total of 164 games. Cleveland would finish the season 16-4 like 164. Remember, Michael Jordan's last NBA game was vs the Philadelphia 76ers on April 16th in 2003....a date written 16/ 164.  Tyronn Lue was his teammate and PG that year on the Wizards. Warriors originally from Philadelphia. 

Also take note of how Tyronn lue started coaching the Cavaliers on 1/22. "Golden State" = 122, they play in Oakland which is on the 122nd meridian. January 22nd or 1/22 is also 23 days after LeBron #23's birthday which is on December 30th. And now here we go with the number 102 again. January 22nd last year happened to be exactly 102 days before Tyronn Lue's birthday. 102 is a big number connected to Cleveland especially in these 2017 playoffs. Of course Lue coaching the Cavs in the 216 area code and the divisors of 102 sum to 216 as many know by now.  102 days is also 14 weeks 4 days like 144. 'Tyronn Lue" = 144. Cavs looking to improve to 14-4 after Game 5. That same amount of days (102 days) is also 3 months 11 days.  "Michael Jordan" = 311. LeBron chasing Jordan. Game 7 of these NBA finals on June 18th is 3 months 11 days before Kevin Durant's September 29th birthday.  Another number I want to throw into this is 227. "June Eighteenth" = 227. Cleveland was founded as a City on July 22nd....a day written as 22/7 like 227. It's the number for PI amongst other things. Remember the Warriors this year beating the Philadelphia 76ers on February 27th or 2/27..with a score of 119-108..combined score of 227 on 2/27?? Funny that on the same day the Cavs beat the Bucks scoring 102 points.  

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