Friday, June 2, 2017

The Bush's & 911, #'s 43 thru 49, and Trumps scripted presidency

Numbers 43 thru 49 are the longest and earliest group of numbers that when added that sums to 322, the Yale Skull and Bones/Genesis 3:22 transhumanism number. 43+44+45+46+47+48+49 = 322. Notice it's a group of 7 numbers.  3+2+2 = 7. Within the Freemason compass and square is the Letter 'G', the 7th Letter. 43 is the 14th prime..of course 14 = 7+7. 49 = 7x7. God created the worlds in 7 days we are told. So 7 is the number of completeness. "Yale" = 43. Yale is located in New Haven in Connecticut.  "New haven, CT" =  43, "Serpent" = 43. Also notice how the middle number is .. and again, it's a group of 7 numbers. 46 x 7 = 322.  ''Connecticut" = 46. "George Bush" = 46. President during the 9/11 attacks was George W Bush who born in 1946 or '46. Psalm the 19th book, we're referring to chapter 46. "Eden" = 19, "The Garden" = 46. The first lie of the bible was from the serpent/Satan who said to Eve "Ye Shall Not Surely Die" which is 19 letters. Again,  he said a total of 46 words in the Garden. The first attack on 9/11 happened at 8:46 am. Which leave 914 minutes left in the day. "Ye Shall Not Surely Die" = 914 in Satanic Gematria. (Visit for more on the different Gematria types including Satanic Gematria).  George W Bush was born on 7/6/1946, a date with 78 numerology (6+7+19+46 = 78). Genesis 3:22 is the 78th verse of the Bible. "George Walker Bush" = 78. He and is family are a part of the 322 Skull and Bones secret society.  Speaking of presidents and these numbers, take a look at Donald Trump and his birthdate, as he was also born in 1946 or '46 as well.  He was born on 6/14/1946.  Take each number and put it to it's corresponding prime. The 6th prime = 13, the 14th prime = 43, the 19th prime = 67, and the 46th prime = 199. Now add them. 13 + 43 + 67 + 199 = 322.
What's crazy is that if you type what 'God' said in that verse into the Gematria calculator at it  = 614 in reverse reduced.  "Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:" = 614.
Again, Trump born on 6/14 and his birthdate when put to it's prime sums to 322...Genesis 3:22.
I talked about 46 in the last post..Psalm 46 specifically which leaves 666 chapters remaining in the Bible. Humans with 46 chromosomes, Satan saying exactly 46 words in the Garden of Eden to Eve leading to mankind's fall.  All these clues and hints leave you to wonder how we were really created and who we were really created by, for what purpose.

TRUMP'S SCRIPTED PRESIDENCY: Trump may be more important within the scripted Zionist Prophecy timeline than we think .  Donald Trump predicted the twin towers' demise in his Book "The America We Deserve" which was published on 1/15/2000...20 months before the towers ever fell. From 1/15/2000 until he stepped in Office on 1/20/2017 is a full span of exactly 888 weeks. "Donald J Trump" = 888.  Think about it..."The America We Deserve"..meaning the America that will be run by him when he is in Office. Trump also stepped in Office exactly 70 years, 7 months, 7 days into his life.... 777. Furthermore, he stepped in Office exactly 6666 weeks after Hitlers birth.. and one of the biggest things connected to Trump is 'Building a Wall' like the Berlin Wall and Germany. Trump is also German.

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