Saturday, June 3, 2017

More of the Scripted NBA. Warriors/76ers/Cavs

27  31  42  72  122  215  216  217

Notice anything above? Last year tells just as much as anything else that the NBA is truly rigged. The Philadelphia 76ers break the record for the most consecutive losses in the NBA by racking up 27 losses in a row. Nate Thurmond dies 27 days before the Finals Game 7 in which LeBron scores 27 points to win the Finals. LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Nate Thurmond all born in the same City of Akron, Ohio. Curry and LeBron born in the same Hospital.  Nate Thurmonds Jersey #42 retired by both the Warriors and Cavs last year. "LeBron James" = 42, "Wardell" = 42.   In the same year the Warriors (the team originally from Philadelphia) breaks the Bulls' regular season wins record of 72 wins by getting 73 wins... 72 the mirror of 27. To add to the rigging the 76ers finished 10-72,  the opposite record of the Bulls' best record of 72-10. Then both the Warriors and 76ers end up losers last year as the Warriors blow the 3-1 lead over the Cavs making 'King James' (the NBA's new Michael Jordan) and the Cavs the only team to ever come back from 3-1 down in the Finals. LeBron James was 31 years old, "Curry" = 31,  it was the '15 - '16 NBA season. 15+16 = 31. To take it even further, look at the Birthdate of 76ers coach Brett Brown:

Born February 16th which would be written 2/16 216. Cleveland's area code is 216. Last year was 2016. "0" has no value so 2016 looks just like 216. 6x6x6 = 216.... 666 is the number of the beast.  This all goes back to the Bible, Prophecy , and Revelation. Before Prince the musician died he said 'All we can go by in this world anymore is prophecy'.   LeBron the King born and bred to play for Cleveland in the 216 area code.  So all that happened last year. Notice anything else in the image of the 76ers' record above?? Look at the Win % the 76ers had by going 10-72... It's a win % of .122   .. "Golden State" = 122,  "San Francisco" = 122, The Warriors play in Oakland which is on the 122nd meridian. They wound up beating Bulls' 72 win mark but then lost to the NBA's new MJ, LeBron.  Also notice how the Warriors beat the Cavs and win in 2015, which if you drop the '0' you have 215...  215 is Philadelphia's area code. Then the Cavs beat the Warriors last year in 2016, which of course without the '0' is 216, Cleveland's area code. 216 a coded way to get 666. The beast is said to rule for 42 months, "LeBron James" = 42. So now here we are in 2017..which if you drop the '0' you have 217. In the 2 regular season matchups between the Warriors and Cavs the scores were as follows: 12/25/16 Cavaliers 109 Warriors 108, total of 217 points.   1/16/17 Warriors 126 Cavaliers 91, total of 217 points.

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