Friday, June 2, 2017

The Scripted NBA Finals and LeBron/Prophecy

LETS START WITH THIS: The Warriors Finished 67-15 this year. In the last regular season game between the Cavs and Warriors , the Cavs lost by 35. "King James" = 35. He could end up 3-5 after this year if he loses in the Finals. What's funny is that exactly 35 NBA season ago was the 1981-82 season. That season the Cavaliers finished 15-67. Now the Warriors finish 67-15.
Some may have missed the news on May 12th, 2017 when they brought up the Philadelphia Trainwreck again, the Trainwreck that happened 2 years ago on the very same day on May 12th, 2015. The news broke on May 12th 2017 that they were prosecuting train operator Brandon Bostian because 8 people died in the Trainwreck. Keep in mind this is LeBron's 8th Finals Appearance.

Look at that "Birthright Israel Foundation'' ad at the bottom of the photo haha too funny. The all seeing eye in the middle of the Masonic Compass and Square. They even know when to place Blatant ads. That year in 2015 LeBron lost the NBA Finals on 6/16/15, 35 days after the Trainwreck.  "King James" = 35, "Cavalier" = 35, "Akron, OH" = 35. Then 66 days after the Trainwreck LeBron's movie "Trainwreck" comes out, July 17th 2015 or 7/17.  "LeBron" = 66, "LeBron James" = 66, "King" = 66,  Philadelphia from Revelation the 66th book of the Bible, the book of Prophecy.

 7/17 I find funny because these finals happening right now are LeBron's 7th straight finals...occurring in year ' 717, the date his movie 'Trainwreck' came out. The 7th prime is 17.  The 717 area code is also in Pennsylvania. Unbelievable.  It's all about Prophecy and the Book of Revelation, Philadelphia the City of  Prophecy and 'Brotherly Love'.  FreeMasons are the Masonic 'Brotherhood'.  "Philadelphia" = 223, "James" = 223, "Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast" = 223, "The Synagogue of Satan" = 223,  "Number Twenty Three" = 223. In fact, this year they're even putting a new area code in Pennsylvania not too far from Philadelphia. That area code is none other than 223 and it will share the areas covered by area code 717.  It'll be right in the capital City of Harrisburg, PA lol Gotta love it.
From 7/17/15 (the day his movie came out) until the recent news about Brandon Bostian on 5/12/17 is 665 days. "Cleveland, Ohio" = 665. Cavaliers play in "Quicken Loans Arena" which = 665. If you add the end date it's 666 days. Again, Philadelphia from Revelation the book of "Prophecy" which = 666...Revelation is also where we find the number of the Beast 666. "The NBA Finals" = 666, "The Cavs" = 666. Cleveland area code is 216 which = 6x6x6. LeBron James was the first to go to 6 straight Finals since the year '66 when Bill Russell did it....666.
Of course Philadelphia is where the Warriors originally played who beat the Cavs the year of the Trainwreck. This news being brought up on May 12th again this year in 2017 made me laugh because from 5/12/17 until Game 7 on 6/18/17 = 37 days. "Chosen One" = 37. "Game Seven" = 37.  LeBron is currently 3 of 7 like '37' in NBA Finals having lost 4 of them. It sounds like almost a guarantee of a Game 7 in the Finals.  CHECK OUT HOW THE NBA IS ALIGNED WITH POLITICS AND REAL LIFE EVENTS -  37 days is exactly 888 hours. The Engineer driving the train was "Brandon Bostian" = 888, "TrainWreck" = 888, Donald Trump had his DNC in Cleveland on 7/18 last year, "Donald J Trump" = 888. He went up against Hillary Clinton who had her RNC in Philadelphia, Warriors originally from Philadelphia.  According to Google, it takes 7 hours 18 minutes to get from Cleveland to Philadelphia on one of the routes... like 7/18 Trumps DNC date in Cleveland. Even funnier is how from Trumps 7/18/2016 DNC date until the start of the NBA Finals on 6/1/2017 is 318 days. "Cleveland Cavaliers" = 318, "Philadelphia Warriors" = 318, "The Golden State Warriors" = 318.  The Train in Philadelphia was going 106 MPH... "Prophecy" = 106, LBJ and Steph Curry from "Akron, Ohio" which =  52 and 106, Oracle Arena where Warriors play is 106' tall and located in "Oakland, California" which = 106. "California" = 52. Numbers 52 and 106 are Prophecy numbers. The Trainwreck happened at 9:23 PM EST. "LeBron James" = 923.  This is why they bred this man LeBron James before he was even born. "The Chosen One" = 404, "King James" = 404, Revelation the book of Prophecy has 404 verses. News just broke on May 31, 2017 about his house being robbed at 6:44 am which is the 404th minute of the day. He was supposedly born at 4:04 pm.

  Just look at LeBron James' life as a while. He went to a Catholic school, he and Steph Curry. There were 42 generations until Christ was born. Jesus was "King of the Jews" as the Bible calls him during his crucifixion.  LeBron calls himself  'The King'. We have the 42 lined Bible. "LeBron James" = 42, the 666 beast of Revelation is supposed to rule for 42 months. the answer to life the universe and everything is supposedly 42. LeBron James was born on  December 30th or 12/30.. 12+30 = 42. His full name "LeBron Raymone James" = 1230. See how scripted his life truly is and how it's all planned well before he's born?
Then his partner in crime Steph Curry born in the same City of Akron and in the same hostpital as LeBron... and now both in the Finals against each other for the 3rd straight year this year or "back to back to back' making NBA history.

 Just look at their area codes where they play. Cleveland - 216 , Oakland - 510. Well 216 + 510 = 726, "Revelation" = 726, "Warriors" = 726, "Back to Back to Back" = 726, in their last game vs each other the Cavs lost with 91 points .."Ninety One" = 726. Speaking of that game, it was played on 1/16/17, a date with 34 numerology...LeBron currently 3-4 in the Finals. From 1/16/17 until 6/18/17 = 153 days. "Cavaliers" = 153, "Steph Curry" = 153, "Christ" = 153, Jesus caught 153 Fish in the 'Miraculous catch'. 153 the 17th triangular number, Ohio the 17th State, Cavs were the 17th team added to the NBA, they finished with 17 conference losses, Cavs made it to the Finals by beating the Celtics who have the most championships in the NBA with 17,  we're in the year '17. In this 1/16/17 game LeBron and the Cavs got beat by 35 points, 126-91.  LeBron James played a total of 35 minutes  losing by 35 to the Warriors.  Cavs shot exactly 35% from the field and got exactly 35 total rebounds, Steph Curry shot 35% from the field winning by 35 and giving the Warriors their 35th win of the season.  Draymond Green #23, who was the 35th overall pick in his draft also played exactly 35 minutes. So both teams' #23's played 35 minutes. Again,  LeBron played exactly 35 minutes and shot 6/18 from the floor...kinda like June 18th or 6/18...the date for Game 7 if it's played. Will LeBron be 3-5 after 6/18 or will he be 4-4??? "King James" = 35 and 44. "Chosen One" = 44. "Cavalier" = 35. Cavaliers finished 35-17 in conference play this season (LBJ ending up 3-5 after losing the '17 Finals??). Cavs finished the regular season with 51 wins. "Fifty One" = 35.  That was LeBron's 37th game played this year..remember from the 5/12/17 Brandon Bostian news until Game 7 on 6/18 is 37 days, "Game Seven"= 37. LeBron's +/- that game was -32, he's 32 years old. This is the first ever "Trilogy" in the NBA where the same teams meet in the Finals 3 years in a row. "Trilogy" = 106, 83, and 666. Warriors and LeBron connected to 106 and 83. If Warriors win the Finals they'll finish with 83 total wins.  Honestly I can't see why the NBA would want LeBron losing this year so I think it's mostly rigged for him...but many numbers go in the Warriors' favor. I say the Cavs win but remember, Jesus "King of the Jews" is said to have been crucified around Age 33. LeBron "King James" or "The King" will be 33 this year. LeBron 'the King' owned and operated by Masonic Jews who run the NBA...So in a way LeBron is sorta "King of the Zionist False Jews".   Will The King also be crucified symbolically by losing this year and never being able to catch Michael Jordan?? Will he be involved in another "TrainWreck" as he did in 2015??? If it was a life or death choice I'd say Cavaliers and the King will win but this Year is tough


  1. He'll be 33 during the next NBA finals, perhaps he goes down then.