Saturday, June 10, 2017

Game 5 , Cavs' 100th game this season and number 217

Another thing to consider for Game 5: It will be the Cavs' 100th game played this season. The divisors of 100 sum to 217 .

 In both of the regular season matchups between the Cavs and Warriors this year the sum of the combined scores was 217 points (109-108 and 126-91). It will be LeBron's 217th ever playoff game. We are in the NBA Finals of 2017...much like 217 without the '0' which has no value. One thing I've noticed is that the Warriors won in 2015 which is much like 215, Philadelphia's area code. Warriors originally from Philadelphia as 'Philadelphia Warriors'. Then Cavs won in 2016 which is much like 216, Cleveland's area code. "Twenty Seventeen" = 216. Now we're in 2017 and the teams use both regular season games to showcase the number 217. Also magical about Game 5 and 217 is that it will be LeBron's 92nd game that he personally has played in this season for the Cavs. (74 reg season games played + 18 post season games played). "Two hundred seventeen" = 92. They say the last time the Warriors lost before last night was on April 10th, 2017. That day was 101 days after LeBron's birthday. "Philadelphia" = 101, "LeBron Raymone James" = 101, "Derailment" = 101. (If there's a Game 7 it will be the Warriors' 101st game, Game 6 will be the Cavs' 101st game).   I'm not thinking Game 5 is LeBron's final game played this year but if it happens to be remember it's his 217th total playoff game of his career. I also just learned from a good friend that if the Cavs lose again it'll be their 94th playoff loss all time. Game 7 will be LeBron's 94th game played this season. "Wardell Stephen Curry" = 94. The '223 connection' of LeBron, Irving, and Love combined for 94 points in the Game 4 win. Also looking ahead to Game 6: If the Cavs make it to Game 6 and win they will have won their 66th game of the season in Game 6 of the finals...much like 666. So you have 66 and 666 in Game 6 right there. 'LeBron" = 66, "James" = 66, "King" = 66. First to 6 straight Finals since '66. "Game Six" = 666, "The NBA Finals" = 666. Cleveland area code 216 . In math 216 = 6x6x6.  Game 7 would be played in "Oakland, CA" which = 170. On June 18th which is 170 days after LeBron's last birthday 12/30/16. Cavaliers ended the regular season going 4-4 in the last 8 games, winning 4 then losing 4 . LeBron trying to go 4-4 in 8 Finals appearances.

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