Monday, June 5, 2017

Look out for Game 3 between the Cavs and Warriors

                                                            19  33  67  98

Just some quick stuff on the Numerology connected to the "National Bullshit Association". Game 3 should be very interesting because it is being played on 6/ 67. The Warriors finished the regular season with 67 wins. If the Cavs win the Finals they will have won 67 games this year total.  The North Carolina Tar Heels in the NCAA tournament beat the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the 67th game of the NCAA tournament. 67 has been a big number this year. 6 is the Number of a man. Man born the 6th day. 7 is the number of God. God completed the world in 7 days in the book of Genesis. "Genesis" = 33, "Seven Days" = 33, "One Week" = 33. "NBA Finals" = 33. G = the 7th letter. It's one of the many reasons why Freemasons have the 'G' in the middle of their iconic compass and square logo.  Going back to the NBA, if the Warriors lose they will end up with 19 total losses. Funny how 67 is the 19th prime number. Cavs trying to hand the Warriors 19 total losses while at the same time picking up 67 wins. Here we are 19 years after Michael Jordan won his last championship in 1998 or '98. "Chosen One" = 98, "The Chosen One" = 98, "Champions" = 98.  LeBron trying to pass MJ as GOAT. The number 19 itself is the 8th prime, LeBron in his 8th Finals. That being said it is still tough to see who will win this Finals this year  in terms of the scripting but I gotta give a nod to the Cavs a little

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