Sunday, June 11, 2017

Game 6 Clue from ESPN???

                                                            GAME 6?
             7  17  29  34  67  159  213  216  237

Now be advised..I am not saying that Humans don't make mistakes or anything. Not even those on ESPN as every human being is prone to mistakes. I am not even saying that Game 6 will be a guarantee (although deep down I do believe there will be a Game 7). But I also know that sports are controlled and scripted. ESPN is owned by Disney, the Masonic company started by a 33rd degree Freemason named 'Walt Disney'. Disney... the one's who brainwash all the children of America and the world with poisonous subliminal messages in their Disney Movies.  I happened to go to the NBA page about 5 minutes ago and it mentions that Draymond Green '...remains the glue and should step up in 'Game 6'"?? Of course the next game is only Game 5. Not sure if they are dropping a clue....or it's just a technical error. I'll leave that for you to decide. Also notice that the video is 1:59 long?

 Look at the number properties of 159:

The divisors of 159 sum to 216, Cleveland's infamous area code and alternate way to get the Number of the beast 666. It's DUO of 213, the number tied to the NBA Finals. And it is 237 in Octal. "LeBron" = 237.  Here's a still image of the ESPN page in Full and I highlighted it in Yellow for you at the bottom:

Let's not forget that Stephen A Smith is 0-6 in his last 6 NBA Finals picks. He picked the Warriors this year. Will Smith be wrong for 7 straight years this year in LeBron's 7th straight Finals? Smith was born in '67, Warriors finishing the season with 67 wins. LeBron and the Cavs looking to get a total of 67 wins in these Finals which would give them the championship. I guess it's no coincidence that from June 18th (Game 7 date) until Stephen A's birthday on October 14th is exactly 17 weeks full span. This is the '17 NBA Finals involving the 17th team (Cavs) who play in the 17th State. "NBA" = 17.  Will the Cavs repeat? "Repeat" = 29 and 34. "Ohio" = 29. LeBron currently 3-4


  1. 1.59 is also 119 minutes. Great find!

    1. Thank you! Yes 119 is a huge number for the Zionists