Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cavaliers/Warriors + Celtics reg season - 434? + more

                             29   94   109   215   216   219   434

As I was looking through the Cavs' schedule this season I knew in the back of my mind that this was the '17 NBA Finals and that the Celtics hold the most titles of every team in the NBA with 17. So I checked the Cavs' games vs the Celtics and vs the Warriors. The 4 games vs the Celtics in the regular season went as follows: 1st game - Cavaliers 128 Celtics 122. 2nd game = Cavaliers 124 Celtics 118. 3rd game - Celtics 103 Cavaliers 99. 4th game - Cavaliers 114 Celtics 91. If you add up the combined number of points the Celtics scored vs the Cavaliers in those 4 regular season games you get 434 points. Cavaliers played the Warriors twice during the regular season and the results were: 1st game - Cavaliers 109 Warriors 108. 2nd game - Warriors 126 Cavaliers 91. You add up the total combined points both teams scored and you also come to 434 points. Not sure what the significance is with 434 yet but it seems to be important. I do know that 'Derailment" = 434 in Gematria. Of course I am referring to the Philadelphia Trainwreck from 2015.

Speaking of 'Derailment' I also found out that from the actual date of the Philadelphia Trainwreck from 2015 until which happened May 12, 2015 until June 18, 2017 (Game 7) is exactly 2 years 1 month 6 216..or 109 weeks. LeBron shot 6 for 18 from the field in the MLKJ game vs Warriors when he lost by 35, like 6/18, date of a Game 7...   So 216 is our infamous number connecting to LeBron and Cleveland. The Cleveland area code is 216. LeBron experienced his 216th career playoff game during these Finals.  109 is connected to the Cleveland Cavaliers as 109 is the 29th prime and "Ohio" = 29. Int the first game of the season the Cavs beat the Knicks by 29 and the Warriors lost to the Spurs by 29.  In the final game of the regular season the Warriors beat the Lakers 109 - 94. We talked about how Game 7 would be LeBron's 94th game played this year himself. If Cavs were to lose again they would have 94 losses all time in the playoffs. NO I am not saying the Cavs will lose, just throwing that out there. Game 7 will be LeBrons' 219th career playoff game. Notice that the Cavaliers' first post-season loss this year came to the Celtics on May 21 or 21/5 as written in most of the world. 215 is Philadelphia's area code. The score was Celtics 111 Cavs 108...for a total of 219 points. Again, Game 7 would be Lebrons' 219th career playoff game.  

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