Thursday, June 8, 2017

Warriors: 63% chance to become 1st unbeaten team in Playoffs history

63   66   117   153

ESPN on June 8th mentioned a stat I found to be laughable. They say the Warriors have a 63% chance of going undefeated and becoming the 1st team ever to do so in the NBA playoffs. 63 is a very familiar number and I think they're just paying tribute to this NBA season by the numbers.  As it stand right now the Cavaliers have 63 wins this season total. This is the 2016-2017 NBA season. 2016 is the 63rd triangular number. Meaning that if you add up every number 1 through 63 it will sum to 2016. **YOU CAN FIND THE FOLLOWING WORDS' GEMATRIA BY VISITING WWW.GEMATRINATOR.COM AND USING THE 'CALCULATOR' FUNTION.**  Now adding to what I said,   "Twenty Seventeen" = 63 in Gematria. "Cavaliers" = 63 in Gematria. "Sixty Three" = 63.   'Sixty Three' also = 153 and 117...... 2 numbers that are tied to both the Cavaliers and Warriors but more so Cleveland. "Cleveland Cavaliers" = 153, "Ohio" = 117, "Golden State Warriors" = 117.  I do find it interesting that "Game seven" = 117...but from what we've seen lately it would look as though they want the Warriors to become the first undefeated team in playoff we can assume that. However, they could script some comeback b.s. Notice how all games are 3 days apart except for between Games 3 and 4 which are only 2 days apart. Something suspicious with that as well. There have only been 3 instance in NBA history where a team came back to tie the series after trailing 3-0. The first to do it was the Knicks in the 1951 season. From 1951 until 2017 = 66 years. That number is strongly tied to LeBron of course. "LeBron" = 66, "James" = 66, "King" = 66, the King James bible has 66 books. LeBron the first to go to 6 straight finals last year since '66....and so much more. It's more likely now that it will be over next game but let's wait and see how it turns out.

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