Friday, June 9, 2017

Teams to come back from 3-0 deficit in playoffs are a combined 0-126 in NBA history

                                                            35     91   126  

The story I saw on ESPN and on 'The Score' website earlier stated that teams trying to overcome a 3-0 deficit are 0-126 in NBA playoff history.

The number 126 is very significant.  Remember, the last time the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers played in the regular season  was on 1/16/17 where the Warriors won 126 - 91...winning by 35. Interesting that Game 4 tonight  both teams are heading into it with the 0-126 record fact and it will be LeBron's 91st game played this season.... Again, the Warriors won that last regular season game 126 - 91  winning by 35. The Cavs currently have 35 losses total on the season heading into tonight's game. Also notice the Warriors' starters Jersey numbers. Curry - 30, Durant - 35, Thompson - 11, Green - 23, Pechulia - 27. Add those up and what do you get???? You get 126. See how scripted this all truly is??? I'm not sure if the 126 favors the Cavs in a comeback or the Warriors since they would be making it 127-0 for 3-0 deficits in NBA history if they win tonight. Keep in mind that it's  LeBron's 216th ever playoff game tonight, Cleveland's area code is 216, Steph Curry's 74th ever playoff game tonight, and Kevin Durant's 105th ever playoff game tonight.


  1. was this written before Cavs won game 4?

  2. Oh awesome I didn't Real Eyes you had a blog!