Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Numbers lining up for Game 4

     16    17  23   32   33   29   74   99   102   160   216

The 4th game of the NBA Finals  seems to be a key game as well by the numbers that line up with it. I have found many things that line up with June 9th now that I've done some research. I do not expect it to be the last game but there is a strong possibility it may be. I picked it to go to 7 games because everything seemed to be pointing to Game 7. There always seems to be a narrative though no matter what. So let's check out a few things on the numerology -

Game 4 on June 9th is exactly 16 weeks before Kevin Durant's 29th birthday. This is the '16 - '17 NBA season. warriors would end up going perfect in the postseason meaning they would be a perfect 16 - 0 in the playoffs. "Sixteen" = 33, 'Cleveland' = 33., 'LeBron' = 33, 'James' = 33, 'Stephen' = 33, "NBA Finals" = 33. It's been 33 years since MJ entered the NBA in 1984, same year LeBron was born.   As far as 29 goes, "Ohio" = 29, Curry  turned 29 years old this year on PI day (March 14th). "Pi" = 16 and 29.

 From LeBron's 32nd birthday on 12/30/16 until Game 4 on 6/9/17 is exactly 23 weeks. notice June 9th has date numerology of 32 (6+9+17 = 32). Of course LeBron #23 trying to surpass the GOAT #23 Michael Jordan. "MJ" = 23,  "King" = 23, "Akron" = 23, "Steph" = 23.  Then we have the number 74, a very familiar number. The NBA is owned by Zionist Jews, Freemasons. "Jewish" = 74, "Masonic" = 74, "Occult" = 74, America's birthday is 7/4. In fact that was the same day last year that Kevin Durant made his decision public that he was joining the Warriors.. 7/4  in 2016. Notice Kevin Durant played a total of 74 games this season going into the Finals. LeBron played a total of 74 games during the regular season. Curry and Durant combined to score 74 points on Mothers day to beat the Spurs in Game 1 of the WCF which was their best game together so far since joining forces. Game 4 will also be Stephen Curry's 74th career playoff game. 74 days before the June 9th Game 4 date  (3/27/2017) the Cavaliers lost to the Spurs scoring only 74 points and losing by 29 with the final score 103 - 74. We already know about the number 29's significance. So could the Cavs lose the Finals 74 days after only scoring 74 points (Their lowest point total of the season) in a loss vs the Spurs in what will be Curry's 74th ever playoff game played...or will it just be huge on symbolism?? time will tell. 

Staying on the topic of career games, did you know that Game 4 will be LeBron's 216th career playoff game? 216 is the area code for Cleveland. You know the numerology in Game 4 will be big. It's all by design. Tonight's game is LeBrons' 215th playoff game. That's Philadelphia's area code. Remember , the Warriors won in 2015 just 35 days after the Philadelphia Trainwreck. LeBron could end up 3-5 if he loses this year. 2015 is like '215' as 0 has no value. Then the Cavs won last year in 2016 which is like 216...  If that isn't enough, from the date of the release of LeBron's movie 'Trainwreck' on 7/17/15 until Game 4 on 6/9/17 is exactly 99 weeks. Game 4 will be the Cavs' 99th game played this season. The number 99 connected to Cleveland and the Cavs.  

As you see above, 99 weeks from LeBron's trainwreck 7/17/15 movie release date. You can do simple math to know that it's the Cav's 99th game of the season in Game 4. Also heading into Game 3 it was LeBron's 214th game so after Game 3 it'll be 215.... next his 216th.  To add more fuel to the Fire, June 9th is the 160th day of the year. Steph Curry's real name is 'Wardell'.... 'Wardell Curry" = 160. There seems to be many tribute's to Steph Curry throughout these playoffs. Remember, the Cavs' opponents all scored 102 points in the Cavs' closeout games. "Sephen" = 102.  He and 'King James' LeBron both from Akron,Ohio born in the same hospital. 

Above you see again, the 102 points in every closeout game in these playoffs by the Cavaliers' opponents. Then in the 2nd image is what I believe, one of the most important regular season games played this season. It was played on 11/5, the real 'King James' Gunpowder Plot assassination attempt and November 5th, 2016 is exactly 216 days before Game 4 on June 9th. That game was one of the main reasons I saw a Game 7 coming. Because Cavs won 102-101 over Philadelphia.  "Philadelphia" = 101, "LeBron Raymone James" = 101.  Game 7 would be the Cavaliers' 102nd game of the season total and the Warriors' 101st game of the season total, Warriors originally from Philadelphia as the 'Philadelphia Warriors'. So no matter what happens I can see Game 4 being of major major significance if not the Finals game. I still think we may see a Game 7 but it's hard to see how these Zionists want to script these games sometimes. So I still say Game 7 but don't be surprised if it ends sooner Game 4. 


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