Saturday, June 10, 2017

Isaiah Thomas + tribute to LeBron 'King James'

                        23   29   33   47   66   67   102   665

On May 15th this year ESPN wrote an article about Isaiah Thomas titled 'Thomas eager to write new chapter in book of Isaiah' ...of course referring to the King James Bible as well. Celtics and Lakers  = the 2 most winningest franchises in NBA history with 33 combined championships. Warriors finish regular season against Lakers. Cavaliers advance to the NBA Finals after beating Celtics. All a SCRIPT

 What I found interesting is that Isaiah in the Bible is book #23 and has 66 chapters, the only book in the bible with exactly 66 chapters. LeBron wears #23, "LeBron" = 66, "James" = 66, "King" = 66, "Book of Isaiah" = 66 and 666. . Isaiah is the 'King in the 4th quarter' . LeBron is 'the King' or 'King James'. Isaiah Thomas' sister died in 'King' County. The trooper who showed up at the scene of Chyna Thomas' crash was Nick 'King'. Adding more to that, the headline again is 'Thomas eager to write new chapter in book of Isaiah' which = 665. "Cleveland, Ohio" = 665, Cavs play in "Quicken Loans Arena" which = 665. "Isaiah" = 29 and 47. "Ohio" = 29 and 47.  Notice the length of the video as well. It's 1:02 long... "Thomas" = 102...that number 102 just won't go away. Cavs advanced to the Finals after beating the Celtics 135 - 102. Every teams scored 102 points vs the Cavs in the Closeout games so far. If there is another chapter added to the 'book of Isaiah' then it'd have 67 chapters. We know that Game 7 if played will be the Cavaliers' 102nd game this season. "One hundred two" = 67 which is the amount of wins the Cavs would have if they won in Game 7. Here's the ESPN article for reference -