Sunday, June 4, 2017

A little more on Cavs/Warriors/76ers

Looking back at the Cavaliers' schedule I noticed that the Cavs first played the 76ers on 11/5/2016 and then again on 11/27/2016... which is 22 days apart. Then The Cavs played the Warriors on Christmas day 12/25/2016 and then again on 01/16/2017...which is also 22 days apart. Again, the Warriors originally from Philadelphia as the 'Philadelphia Warriors'.

 The number 22 is very important to Freemasonry and the Zionists as it is the Master Builder number. Philadelphia the City from the biblical prophecy book of Revelation which has 22 chapters. Then notice that in Game 1 of these NBA Finals the final score was 113-91, a difference of 22 points.

Notice above that "Master Builder" = 66 and 204. The Book of Revelation is the 66th book of the Bible. The score from game 1 again was 113-91, total of 204 points. This NBA season actually started on October 25th last year.... the same day that Philadelphia as a City was incorporated, October 25th -

I say that because this year NBA history was set as we have 2 teams going to 3 straight Finals for the first time ever. Something they termed a "Trilogy". Philadelphia is probably the most important City in terms of the Zionists' End Time Prophecy timeline. Philadelphia and New York City. We are truly living out a scripted and planned agenda by those at the top. Those who use Sports, Religion, Government, Entertainment, Media, etc to spread their doctrine of falsehood


  1. I always remembered the only 1 super bowl was ever played in Feb 2 (22),(after all the 22 coding manchester hoax, and game 1 , 22 point loss) When Seattle Seahawks beat the Peyton Mannings 43-8, gave them a whippin!!! From Feb 2/2014 to that start of the NBA finals (6/1/17) is 3 years 3 months 30 days. Now lets go back another 3 yrs/3months/30days from 2/2/14 and thats 10/3/2010, the very day OJ Simpson got convicted of kidnapping hoax, 13 yrs to the acquittal of murder hoax . I saw a bleacher report article on 'what if Curry loses this series, he will be the Peyton manning of Football', great wins reg season, MVP, but not championships. Lebron will make that true if he wins. Nonetheless, grea blog, just discovered it

    1. Thank you! I appreciate that . Great information as well. NFL is scripted just as much as the NBA. Especially these past 3 or so seasons