Monday, September 11, 2017

SuperBowl 51 and the 9/11 symbolism everybody seemed to miss

The scripted comeback was obvious during Super Bowl 51 this year. What had me interested is the 911 connections to it all. So here's a bunch of facts : The '16-'17 NFL season started last year on 9/11, 2016. The number 1617 is Octal of  911.
 The Atlanta Falcons' Head coach Dan Quinn has been in 3 of the last 4 Superbowls, his birthday is September 11th.
 The Patriots' regular season BYE week was week (9) , the Falcons' regular season BYE week was Week (11).

The Patriots went into the Superbowl avg (9.11) Yards per attempt vs the Falcons. Keep in mind that the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick dynasty began during the season of the 9/11 attacks in which Brady won his first Superbowl in one of the most scripted SuperBowls ever.  What I really want to get to though is this -  During the FOX Superbowl Pre-game show there were stars like John Travolta doing a parody of "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks. on the right side of the screen throughout the parody there was a clock on the wall that they kept showing with the hands of the clock at (9) and (11)... 9/11. Again , 1617 in octal is 911. The parody started out immediately with the camera on a guy wearing a black #9 Drew Brees jersey. Then the camera immediately goes up to Rob Riggle who is the main singer of the parody and is wearing a white Alex Smith #11 Jersey....911. Funny how they try hiding the jerseys so well like we're complete idiots. If you cannot see the 9 and 11 subliminals there then you really need  Real Eyes to Realize the Real lies. So right after it shows the #9 and #11 jerseys the camera angle widens and goes to Aaron Paul who is the next singer in the Parody...and he is wearing a NY Giants hoodie and is right next to the clock on the wall with the hands at 9 and 11...Are you picking up what I'm laying down??? Jersey's #9 and #11 ..then a NY Giants hoodie....9/11 NY (Twin Towers destruction). See how they mock us and these scripted sports league are all a part of the Narrative & Globalist Zionist Agenda??? Then Right after this, former NFL player Brian Urlacher walks into the camera view as he is the next singer. He is wearing his own Jersey #54 (5+4 = 9) , Riggle with the #11 jersey next to him in the middle, and then Aaron Paul in his NY Giants hoodie.. Again they are spelling it out for you: 9/11 NY. Funny how they place all the people at the perfect spots the guy wearing the #9 Drew Brees jersey.   To add to that, "Nine Eleven" = 51, It was Superbowl 51 with all the number 51 connections... Sports are scripted and are spelling something out symbolically/subliminally for what is to come.  Below is the pictures in stages of the parody that I described to you. I will also post the video of the parody after:

Drew Brees #9 Jersey immediately at the start of the video that the camera breezes by quickly
Riggle in his #11 Alex Smith Jersey next
 Camera switches over to Aaron Paul who is wearing NY Giants hoodie
 Camera now switches to Urlacher in his #54 jersey (5+4 = 9)
 Then the camera swicthes to this angle showing all give you the message of '9/11 NY'
 Here's John Travolta the Scientologist. I just wanted to point out the clock with that hands at (9and (11) shown throughout the entire parody video

Below is the full 2:41 second video. Funny cause America turned 241 years old this year on July 4th


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    1. Good info bro! Yeah "Alex Smith" = 666 (Sumerian)

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  3. Nice work man. I went back and looked, Pats played the Rams in week 10 of the '01 Season. They had a Bye week ten a couple other years they made the Super Bowl and have a Bye week 9 this year. Panthers and 9ers have a Bye week 11 so nothing there this year but week 8 the packers and giants have Byes. Since this is the 98th NFL season could be something to that.