Monday, August 21, 2017

August 21 Solar Eclipse/Georgia Guidestones

Just asking a question here guys, honestly. What you think of this?? Not about fear..more about what we will do about the things going on right now in the world. I don't like thinking about scary crazy stuff any more than the next person, trust me lol. I'm also not saying anything major will happen anytime tomorrow. Although we know the elite are up to big things lately. I will say that tomorrow is a very important day for the Elite and those in satanic Secret Societies at the top. Last time this happened in America was 99 years ago. Maybe tomorrow marks something historic on the Elite's timeline of what direction they want to steer the world. So, Many call the Georgia Guidestones the ten commandments of the Illuminati/Elite. From March 22, 1980 or 3/22/1980 when the Guidestones were first erected until the Eclipse tomorrow 8/21/2017 is exactly 13,666 days...... "The Twenty First of August" = 322 (Ordinal). So 13,666 days. The number 13 is the 6th you could look at it as '6666'. Kinda like Revelation 13:18 (number of the beast scripture)... It's Chapter '13'.....again, 13 is the 6th prime and 18 is this verse is about the number 666 of course. Also more perspective on the #13: August 21st is day 233 of the year. 233 is the '13th' Fibonacci number. There are 613 Jewish Commandments (13 is the 6th prime).  The #13 is labeled as the bad luck number, the number of rebellion/number of Evil. Number of witchcraft, Devil, 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, the 13 brick layers on the pyramid on the reverse of the US $1 bill, Friday the 13th. Nimrod of the Bible (Leader of the Tower of Babel rebellion against the biblical God) was the 13th generation from Adam. The first time the word "rebel'' appears in the Bible is in Genesis 14:4 where it says "Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the THIRTEENTH year they rebelled" . See how they rebelled in the 13th year?? I am not a Christian (used to be) but look at all the Look at all the signs of the times lately: Donald Trump becomes president 70 years 7 months and 7 days into his life (777). He also stepped in Office exactly 6666 weeks after Hitler was born (April 20th, 1889 until January 20th, 2017). He also stepped in Office exactly 888 weeks after his book "The America we deserve" was published (January 15th, 2000 until January 20th, 2017). In that book he predicted the 9/11 attacks supposedly. The Bible has 1189 chapters. "Donald J Trump" = 1189 (Jewish Gematria). Look at his and the vice presidents' names. 'Trump' and 'Pence'. Combine those and you have 'Trumpence' like 'Trumpets' ...Trumpets are an end time symbol of Jesus returning and the world ending. The OT of the bible has 929 chapters. The NT of the bible has 260 chapters for 1189 total. Crazy how Donald Trump is from NYC , home to area code 929. And Pence is from Indiana, home to area code 260. Trump was selected and meant to be president during this time in history. Are these Zionists spelling it out for us?? Scare tactics and scripting prophecy?? Then 33 days after today we have the Revelation 12 sign. 33 as we all should know by now is the number of Freemasonry and really, number of the Bible.  I'll post some pics below of the Gematria and stuff. The we hear about all these billionaires building caves and underground Cities and crap. Well I'm sure they're very familiar with Revelation 6:15 then (Full verse posted below). So yeah, what y'all think of that, just coincidence...more fear porn contrived by the occultists???

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