Sunday, June 11, 2017

Steve Kerr & Tyronn Lue. MORE NBA scripting

                      101   147   164   253   613   1126

I guess I could go on about these guys forever. I found out that from when Steve Kerr became the Warriors' head coach on May 19th, 2014 until Tyronn Lue became the Cavaliers' head coach on January 22nd, 2016 is 613 days. From Game 7 of the NBA Finals this year (If it's played) until LeBron's 33rd birthday is 6 months 13 613.

 HERE"S A VERY INTERESTING ONE: From when Steve Kerr became Warriors' head coach on May 19th, 2014 until Game 7 of these NBA Finals on 6/18/17 is 1126 days. Remember, teams trying to come back from 3-0 down in a playoff series are 0-126. If Cavaliers win that would make the record 1126. Warriors just had Mike Brown coaching them for a stretch, LeBron's first NBA head coach. "Mike Brown" = 1126 in Gematria. Very interesting. Here's another shocker. The score of the last game (the first game the Cavs have won this Finals) was 137 - of 253 points.  I couldn't figure out for the life of me why 253 was so significant.. I mean, the Cavs didn't get swept like everyone thought they would. I literally just found out that Steve Kerr as of right now in this moment , including the Playoff, has 253 wins total as Warriors head coach. Was the combined 253 points last game a tribute for the Cavs to keep Kerr at 253 wins?

 Guess how many days it is from Game 7 until Steve Kerrs September 29th birthday?? It's 101 days. Game 7 will be Warriors' 101st game played this season. From Tyronn Lue's May 3rd birthday until Steve Kerrs September 27th birthday is 147 days. 147 connected to Freemasonry through and through. Combine Kerrs 253 wins with the fact that Tyronn Lue has coached a total of 161 Cavs games... 3 more games would make it 164 games total..where the Cavs would end up 16-4 in the Playoffs this year and a's starting to look more and more like Game 7 is in the books, a guarantee. But we shall see how they want it played out though


  1. 254 is also 9/11 as its the 254th day. Whatever connected with 9/11 seemed to lose like dan Quinn the falcons coach being born on 9/11. If the cavs pull this off, I think pats will repeat too. from patriots day release to the SB52 is 444 days which connects with lebron. Brady could be the first to break the curse and it wouldn't surprise me if it was him and the pats.

    1. Pats just had their ring ceremony on the 10th June and from that date to sb52 is 239 days which is the 52nd prime.

    2. from bradys BD too Adam wests death is 44 weeks and 4 days. there is your 444 again. it is also 311 days and that is the 64th prime. patriots would have a 6-4 SB record if they win SB52.

    3. Love the info! I actually thought about that. The 9/11 and 254 thing. I mean, the Superbowl and NFL season was full of 9/11 tributes..why wouldn't the NBA be as well? That could be a possibility. Just thought it was interesting that Kerr has *253* total wins right now as Warriors head coach counting both reg season and playoffs

  2. i'm not sure why i typed this in but..."Anything is Possible" = 88, 101, 223, 444 (franc baconis), 853 (satanic) the 147th prime.