Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So Warriors win - Tribute to MJ the 'G.O.A.T' - Saturn/Golden Age

            35   55   126   144   254   129     217 + more

Well, I can't say that it turned out how I thought it would and that I called it, I definitely didn't call it. If I were to bet I would've chosen Cavaliers if I had a gun pointed at my head. But throughout it all I stated there were narratives for both teams. What this was all about though was opening people's eyes to the B.S that goes on in Pro sports. After Game 4 I leaned more toward a Cavs comeback. But it's not always easy to see the outcome of the rigging. The 2 biggest finds I made and stated was that the fact that there is a lot of 35 numerology and surroinding the Warriors this year in relation to LeBron going 3-5 all time in the Finals...I also made mention of the 2 regular season games between the Warriors and Cavaliers that ended with a combined total score of 217 points and putting emphasis on 217. I also stated that Game 5 was LeBron's 217th playoff game of his career and he's trying to pass MJ. When is Michael Jordan's birthday??February 17th or 2/17.  The only game he won of this series was the 216th playoff game of his career which was played in Cleveland, home of the 216 area code. Those 2 games between the Cavs and Warriors did tell us everything. It's all in how you interpret. In that MLKJ January 16th game the Warriors won 126-91, difference of 35 points. What was the record for teams trying to comeback from a 3-0 series deficit? It was 0 - 126 . Warriors scored exactly 126 points on January 16th for that very reason. "Oakland" = 126.  Warriors win in Oakland on 12/6.  "June Twelfth Twenty Seventeen" = 126.  I also remember that 5 years ago LeBron beat KD in the Heat vs Thunder Finals 4-1. Now here we are 5 years later, #35 KD beats LeBron 4-1 sending LeBron to 3-5 in the 5th game of the Finals which gave the Cavaliers their 5th loss of the playoffs total ..meaning he has 5 Finals losses on his resume and the Warriors now have 5 championships as a franchise. Also not that 6/12/17 has date numerology of 35.(6 + 12 + 17 = 35).Kevin Durant won Finals MVP averaging 35 ppg in the Finals.  Then think of how all of this was also a tribute to Michael Jordan to remain the 'Greatest Of All Time'. I made a post about this.  From MJ's last championship on 6/14/1998 until the start of these NBA Finals was 989 weeks. "Greatest Of All Time" = 989. Again, the scores of the Cavs vs Warriors regular season games were: Cavs 109 Warriors 108.  Then Warriors 126 Cavs 91. Both games totaling 217 points. MJ's birthday is 2/17. LeBron lost in his 217 career playoff game. All a tribute to Michael Jordan to remain the GOAT and to 'Dethrone' the King...'King James'. Look at the Gematria of   'June Twelfth':

Notice the 144, 153, 864, and 1984?  144 is of course the Time number. NOTE: Game 5 was Steve Kerr's 254th win as Warriors head coach including the playoffs. "Time" = 144 and 254. "Light" = 144 and 254.  To these sick twisted zionist individuals everything in this life is about Light, Time, Sun worship.   September 11th is the 254th day of the year. Remember after 9/11 they had the 'Tribute in Light'.  864 is the number of the SUN. They tell us in school that the Sun is 864,000 miles in diameter. There were tons of 9/11 tributes and subliminals in sports, especially the NFL and Super Bowl 51. "Nine Eleven" = 51, Cavs finished with 51 reg season wins, etc. 153 we should know by now is tied to both the Cavs and the Warriors.  "Cavaliers" = 153, "Steph Curry" = 153, "Christ" = 153, Jesus caught 153 Fish in the 'Miraculous catch'. 153 the 17th triangular number, Ohio the 17th State, Cavs are the 17th team to join the NBA. Warriors just won the Finals in their 17th playoff game this year,  we're in the year '17. Then of course 1984. The year Michael Jordan entered the NBA and the later that year was the birth of "King James" LeBron. Notice how the Warriors are now looking like next Dynasty as the Chicago Bulls were or the Lakers/Celtics. Much of this connects back to Saturn. It is said that the God Saturn ruled during the "Golden Age"...The Golden State Warriors set to lead the NBA's next Golden Age of a Dynasty


  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByPN_Os2jOFJMWhoeERxanplUjA/view

    great work as usual trav, check out that video when you get time.

  2. Everyone Alabama lost Lebron lost everytime they won Lebron won

  3. Argh can't believe I missed that the two regular season games both had total scores of 217! And that MJ's birthday is 2/17!

    Now noticing that Curry's birthday is 12 weeks 6 days before 6/12.
    Draymond Green's birthday was 100 days before Game 5, which was the Cav's 100th game of the season.
    JaVale McGee's birthday is 144 days before and Klay's is 4 months 4 days before.