Monday, June 12, 2017

Another '102' phrase I forgot about + OHIO and sports

                      19   51   67   94   102    306   2017

If you have been following up until now you should remember the post I made about the Cavaliers' opponents scoring exactly 102 points in every closeout game so far in these playoffs. One of the stories that came out during these playoffs was about how the Warriors copied the Cavaliers' championship slogan which is "Defend The land" . The Warriors tweaked it slightly by going with "Defend Our Ground". I noticed that "Defend The Land" = 102 in Gematria. Very fitting seeing how all the teams that lost to the Cavaliers in the closeout games scored 102 points. Remember, 102 + 102 + 102 = 306. The 306th prime = 2017.

As far as Game 7 goes, it will be LeBron's 94th game played this season (his teams 102nd). The Cavs if they lose again will have 94 total playoff losses. I'm not expecting that to happen but anything is possible in the world of scripted sports. "Defending Champions" = 94. Keep in mind that "One Hundred Two" = 67 in gematria. Cavs looking to win the Chip in Game 7 which is their 102nd total game played this year and would give them 67 total wins on the season. What's tricky is that Warriors need one more win to win the Finals which gives them 83 total wins. "Eighty Three" also = 67 in Gematria. Here's more trickiness. Cavs finished the reg season with 51 wins. Currently the Warriors have 82 wins. "Eighty Two" = 51. I also notice that Eastern teams have won the championships this year so far. Patriots, Penguins, now Cavaliers??? Maybe. Also interesting is that the NFL and MLB were both founded in Ohio, the 17th State. The 'Akron Pros' won the first APFA (NFL) championship. LeBron and Steph curry born in the same hospital in Akron, Ohio. After Brady won the SuperBowl with a historic scripted comeback LeBron Tweeted Brady and called him the "GOAT". The argument now is whether or not LeBron can pass MJ as the 'GOAT'. Will we have a De JA Vu  moment with the NBA Finals synched to SuperBowl 51? Again, Cavs won 51 games in the reg season. 

As you can see, both founded in the State of Ohio. From the scripted SuperBowl 51 comeback until the possible Game 7 Comeback scenario is exactly 19 weeks. The 19th prime is 67. Cavs would get 67 wins if they won that game. Also don't forget that Kevin Durant had a scripted injury this year where it caused him to miss 19 games. Warriors would have 19 losses if they lose in Game 7 and Cavs will have 67 wins....19th prime is 67.

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