Saturday, March 10, 2018

May 2, 2018 or May 13, 2018 - Dates to keep an eye on?

FOR THE RECORD - In No Way Am I Saying That Anything WILL Happen on May 2nd or May 13th, 2018. Numbers just line up So I feel inclined to make a case: May 2nd has always been on my mind as a date to make note of. I mentioned May 2, 2017 as a possible date last year. Nothing happened which was good news. May 2 this year is filled even more with overwhelming numerical significance in relation largely to Donald Trump. For starters, since Trump stepped in Office on 1/20/2017 until May 2, 2018 is exactly 66 weeks 6 days.... 666. Also notice it is 1 year, 3 months, 13 days 13 and 13, the 6th prime -

  May 2nd is the 122nd day of the year OR 122 days into the year. "One Hundred Twenty Two days" = 322 (Ordinal) Gematria. May 2 is also always (except leap years) 322 days after Donald Trump's & The American Flags' birthday. May 2nd is also significant because it was the date that Osama Bin Laden, the fall guy for the biggest terror attack on US soil a.k.a 9/11, was killed. May 2, 2011 to be exact. May 2nd is also the day in 1611 that the first ever King James version Bible was printed in England. But there's so much more to it. Did you know that from the publishing of Donald Trumps "Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again" book on 11/3/2015 until 5/2/2018 is exactly 911 days? Or that from the day he won the election on 11/9/2016 until 5/2/2018 is 77 weeks or 539 days? ....and 539 = 7 x 77....777.  Trump is the guy who stepped in office exactly 70 yrs, 7 mos, 7 days into his life. In fact, from the announcing of Israel as a nation on 11/29/1947 until Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and US embassy move to Jerusalem on 12/6/2017 is 70 years 7 days. Going back to 322 for a while, the name "Donald" = 322 (reverse satanic) gematria cipher. Born during a full Lunar Eclipse on "June Fourteen Nineteen Forty Six" which = 3220 (English) gematria. So 6/14/19-46.  Putting his birth date to primes that would be 6 = 13, 14 = 43, 19 = 67, and 46 = 199..... 13 + 43 +67 + 199 = 322. Putting Trump's +  his kids' names in the Gematria Calculator gives you 322 and 911. "Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump, Eric Trump, Barron Trump = 322 (reduced) and 911 (reverse ordinal).

May 2nd looks like 5/02 or 502. What I found with this is significant and is my biggest point of bringing this date up. 502 is Octal of 322. 502 in Octal is 766. May 2nd or 5/02 2018 is exactly 322 days after Donald Trumps birthday and it is exactly 766 days after the Trump tombstone found in Central Park, NYC on Easter 3/27/2016.

Notice also above with the 322 days that it is exactly 46 weeks or 88.22% of a common year. The factorization of 46 is 2 x 23.....223 and 322. When Trump was campaigning you had to text "TRUMP" to 88022... 0 has no value... He had us text that number because Trump and 322 are bread and butter. 322 is a number of evil, skull and crossbones, trans-humanism, and # of the devil pretty much. Below you can see that Trump wanted you to text his name to 88022.... The guy was born for a very special purpose. The 322's and other numbers with him are just ridiculously linked to him -

You also gotta love how Trump just became the worlds 766th richest person according to Forbes ....Again 766 days after Trump Tombstone is May 2, 2018.

 born in '46, 46 weeks is 322 days. Trumps 2 assassination attempts in 2016 happened on 6/18/16 and 11/05/16.  6/18/16 is 2 months 23 days after the Trump Tombstone. 11/5/16 is 223 days after the Trump tombstone.... 223/322.

 They both happened in the State of Nevada which is listed at exactly 322 miles wide - 
The last of those 2 assassination attempts coming in "Reno" which = 52 (ordinal) May 2nd. "Reno, Nevada" = 666 (English) and 223 (Reverse Francis Bacon) Gematria. Trump spent exactly $322 Million on his presidential campaign trail. NY Times and others had the most likely vote count outcome at 322 votes. And the final crystal ball projection had Hillary winning with 322 votes to Trumps 216 votes, 216 = 6 x 6 x 6 ....322 and 666. Trump's slogan of "Make America Great Again" = 322 (Franc Baconis) Gematria -

So as you can see Trump and 322 are like bread and Butter. As far as May 13th goes, my main thing is that again from the Trump Tombstone 3/27/16 until May 13th, 2018 is 777 days. Trump connected to 777 through and through as well. 322nd prime = 2137 and 21 x 37 = 777. Trump's first assassination attempt coming in Las Vegas or "Vegas" which = 513 (English). May 13th is also the 133rd day of the year. "White House" and "Government" = 133...which Trump controls as POTUS. Donald Trump has had plenty of Assassination subliminals and predictive programming.. like Snoop Dogg who released his album titled "Make America Crip Again"... which shows Snoop Dogg standing over Trump's dead body covered in the American Flag....with a tag on his foot that says 'Trump'. Snoop released this EP album on 10/27/17. From that day until May 2, 2018 is 187 days. 187 is the homicide code in California where Snoop was born and lives. "Homicide" = 138 , "Donald Trump" = 138. In fact, Snoop Dogg first got into the Rap industry after being featured in Dr.Dre's song 'Deep Cover' or also known as "187" . Check it out -

Trump had his RNC in Cleveland on July 18th or 18/7 like '187' in 2016. "Time" = 187. "Death" = 1807 like 187. The number 187 in Octal is 273... And Again,  Trumps Tombstone was found in Central Park on March 27th or 27/3 like 273. "One Eight Seven" = 888 (Sumerian) like "Donald J Trump" = 888 (Sumerian). Lots of connections can be made. Doesn't mean anything major will happen but Time will tell. May is a big month for the elite no matter what. May Day/Illuminati day on 5/1, the Jerusalem Embassy move perhaps around May 14th as Israel will celebrate 70 years since they've been a nation, The Pope's movie releases on May 18th, The first International day of Light happens on May 16th, memorial day at the end of the month, list goes on... 5th month, They want to bring in the 5th age, 'Satan' = 55, 'God' = 55. Trump and Kim Jong Un plan to have the first ever meeting between a Supreme Leader of North Korea and a US President. They plan on having the meeting in MAY


  1. Wow those 322 and 766 connections are amazing. We'll see what happens. Maybe not a false flag but some kind of significant news story.

    1. Thanks Brother. I appreciate it! Yeah May will be filled with a lot of crazy things